THE MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, encouraged tourism and creative economy players to strengthen the competency standards of professionals.

Sandiaga, in his remarks online, at the Tourism Human Resources (HR) Certification Socialization event with the World Bank, Tuesday (24/1/2023), said that certification and professional competency standards are needed to create job and business opportunities for competent and sustainable parekraf human resources.

“Then, how to do it? Through upskilling (increasing competence), reskilling (strengthening competence), and new skilling (adding new competencies), to show their quality, legally accredited skill competencies become absolute. Therefore, we must continue to improve human resources, the process is long but we must make sure it is sustainable and we present synergy and standardization,” Sandiaga said.

He explained that Indonesia was appointed as the leading country with Thailand to develop ASEAN Competency Standards for MICE & Event Professionals as agreed in the ASEAN MRA-TP (ASEAN Mutual Recognition on Tourism Professionals).

“I also continue to encourage the increase of skilled labor every year in tourism destinations. So that later there will be mutual recognition of ASEAN member countries in applying competency standards for professionals in the tourism sector and mobilizing labor exchanges,” he said.

He added, certification and professional labor competency standards are very important. There is an AEC or ASEAN Economic Community standard where the ASEAN MRT-TP agreement with AMS (ASEAN Member State) will be presented to create mutual recognition between ASEAN countries in applying professional labor competency standards.

“I believe that Indonesian tourism and creative economy human resources are able to compete and even enter international markets, if they strengthen their professional competency standards. And I am sure that we can realize the recovery and creation of 4.4 jobs in 2024,” Sandiaga concluded. []