STATE-Owned Enterprises Holding Tourism and Supporting PT Aviasi Pariwisata Indonesia (InJourney) together with PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN) held a Waste Care Movement entitled “Labuan Bajo Indah Tanpa Sampah” or Labuan Bajo is Beautiful Without Trash on the coast of Marina Waterfront Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

According to InJourney’s HR & Digital Director, Herdy Harman, explained that this activity was carried out to make Labuan Bajo a “World Class Tourism Destination” as well as a form of support for the smooth and successful organization of the ASEAN Summit which will be held in May 2023.

“In addition to the surrounding community, the West Manggarai Regency Government, Komodo National Park, and in collaboration with the Trash Hero Community and several other communities participated in this activity.  This activity is not only an action to clean up garbage in the coastal area, but also the removal of sunken ships, to the program of giving boat engines to fishermen from the surrounding community,” he said.

This event, Herdy continued, was carried out in line with the Government’s program to make Labuan Bajo a quality and sustainable tourism destination. This activity prioritizes management and development that can have a long-term impact on environmental sustainability, social, cultural, ecosystem balance, and economic benefits.

This activity is the first where its implementation will be continued for other Super Priority Tourism Destinations to support the growth of Indonesian tourism that is able to compete internationally.

“The Waste Care Movement “Labuan Bajo Indah Tanpa Sampah” is an effort made by InJourney to increase the awareness of tourists, business people, and residents in making Labuan Bajo a clean and waste-free tourism destination,” he said.

He added, as one of the Super Priority Tourism Destinations, Labuan Bajo has an extraordinary attraction that has the potential to become a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists. For this reason, through this activity we also want to raise public awareness and concern to continue to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of Labuan Bajo and at the same time make this our shared responsibility.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT HIN, Christine Hutabarat said that this activity is a form of the spirit of collaboration for the development of quality and sustainable tourism destinations.

“The Labuan Bajo Waste Care Movement activity is our joint effort to have a long-term positive impact and empower the community around the area. We hope that the activities carried out collaboratively with the BUMN Foundation, InJourney, Bank BRI, in addition to playing a role in the success of the Asean Summit activities, will also support the development of Labuan Bajo as a world-class tourism destination in the long term,” Christine concluded.

Also attending the activity was the Regent of West Manggarai, Edistasius Endi, who expressed his appreciation to InJourney for initiating the Waste Care Movement and making Labuan Bajo a pilot project location for this activity. []