THE PANORAMIC train has received a good response from the public. When launched in December 2022, the tourist train was recorded to have an average occupancy of 85% per day.

According to Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in his statement said that I think the number of trains and routes can be increased in the future because of the high public interest in this train. PT KAI has also planned to re-operate the panoramic train in February. Previously, the panoramic train operated to serve passengers during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

When it was first launched on December 24, 2022, the panoramic train was coupled with an additional Taksaka train trip (Gambir-Yogyakarta round-trip). For 12 days, there were 1,613 passengers on board.

Advantages of panoramic train
The panoramic train has very large windows on both sides. There is also a glass roof extending from front to back that can be opened and closed automatically.

“This gives a different sensation because you can enjoy the scenery along the way. The panoramic train also has a number of other facilities, such as comfortable seats, spacious toilets with automatic sensors, televisions, special luggage racks, food, drinks, snacks and blankets,” Budi Karya said.

In addition to Indonesia, he continued that a number of countries already have panoramic train services, including the United States, Japan and Switzerland. Currently, we already have panoramic trains like those abroad. So, no need to go all the way to Switzerland. This is a good innovation from PT KAI.

“The panoramic train that will operate in February is planned to be attached to the Argo Parahyangan Passenger Train (Gambir-Bandung round-trip) and Argo Wilis (Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng round-trip),” he added.

The fare for Argo Parahyangan Panoramic is IDR350,000 and Argo Wilis Panoramic is IDR1,120,000 with a train capacity of 38 seats. Panoramic train tickets can be booked on the KAI Access application, KAI website, and all other official KAI ticket sales channels. [sources/photo special]