TALKING about airports in Japan, what probably comes to a traveler’s mind is their punctuality. In addition to punctuality, did you know that some airports in Japan actually have unique services for travelers?

In Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture, for example, there is an airport that has a unique service, which is greeted by a Shiba Inu dog. However, not only that, Haneda Airport in Japan also has a unique service, namely soaking in an onsen.

Reported by Traveler, onsen which is closely related to Japanese culture or culture will soon be presented at Haneda Airport. This is in line with the opening of the newest and largest entertainment complex in the airport.

The entertainment and lifestyle center called Haneda Airport Gardens will be a new place for travelers, or visitors who want to enjoy more time while at the airport.

They can shop, dine, or stay in luxury hotels. Not only that, there is also an onsen or bathing place for those who are waiting for the plane. The entertainment center will feature dozens of shops and restaurants all connected to Terminal 3.

Likewise, Asahi Shimbun reports, the onsen facilities can be enjoyed at two new hotels in Haneda Airport Garden, namely Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport and Villa Fonraine Grand Haneda Airport. Both are luxury hotels within the airport grounds.

Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport offers 160 hotel rooms overlooking the river. The Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport is a larger hotel, with 1,557 rooms.

In addition to rooms to stay in, the hotel also has several other facilities, such as restaurants and onsen. Interestingly, in addition to the indoor onsen, visitors can also find ganbanyoku (hot stone spa) and other relaxation rooms.

Developer Sumitomo Realty and Development Co. representative Naoyuki Murata said that the onsen or entertainment center will be available 24 hours.

“This new facility will increase convenience for people who take early and late-night flights. And there will be demand for our hotel from people who want to take day trips during their stay,” Murata said.

For those who want to visit here, admission is priced from 4,800 yen (adults) and 2,000 yen (children). [sources/photo special]