PT GARUDA Indonesia Tbk expressed optimism that the increase in passengers would reach above 200% this year. This is motivated by the increasing interest and demand for people to travel, especially to international destinations.

According to the Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, said compared to the previous year, we are projecting an increase in passengers of over 200%. One of the reasons for this increase is the projected movement of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia.

Furthermore, Irfan also commented that ticket prices for foreign destinations are currently cheap. For example, a plane ticket to Thailand usually costs IDR3 million one way, now it is only around IDR1.7 million to IDR2 million.

“That international ticket prices must be determined proportionally, especially from the supply and demand side of the community as well as the various value services offered to passengers,” he said.

According to him, the composition of the implementation of the price also helps Garuda Indonesia align with the ticket prices for domestic flights. Furthermore, the choice of cheap international flight ticket prices is also supported by various promotional activities that Garuda Indonesia continues to do intensively, especially through various added value offers offered through partner banks and other promotional channels.

“We are optimizing this as a form of support for the government’s program to increase national tourism where various attractive promo programs that we offer, especially on inbound routes, are also carried out to attract foreign tourists to travel to Indonesia,” said Irfan.

He continued, the number of passengers traveling internationally has continued to increase, especially since quarantine regulations were abolished and borders between countries had been opened.

Irfan noted that passenger demand has now jumped by more than 70% compared to the first half of last year. Furthermore, in line with Garuda Indonesia’s commitment to service to passengers, the seat capacity provided for international travel has also been attempted and begun to be gradually increased in accordance with the availability of the fleet which is currently being maximized.

“Until now, Singapore still occupies the most favorite country for tourist destinations. Apart from Singapore, Saudi Arabia is also one of the main preferred destinations as a destination for Umrah pilgrimages,” he remarked.

Judging by the company’s performance, as of September 30 2022, Garuda Indonesia recorded operating revenues of US$1.5 billion, up 60.34% on an annual basis. From the bottom line, Garuda Indonesia managed to record a profit of US$3.96 billion.

If we look closely, Garuda Indonesia’s increase in profit for the current period was supported by other business revenues which reached US$4.27 billion. Meanwhile, the company’s operating expenses reached US$1.85 billion. [sources/photo special]