FOOTBALLER Lionel Messi plans to fly to Saudi Arabia. Not to play soccer, but to become a tourism ambassador. Saudi Arabia has named Lionel Messi as a tourism ambassador since mid-2022. Reporting from The Athletic, Messi has often gone back and forth to Saudi Arabia to promote Arabian tourism and again invited Messi this March.

“I will gladly welcome our Tourism Ambassador, Lionel Messi and his family and friends this March on their second visit, to enjoy our most beautiful tourist destinations and have a unique experience,” said Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al Khateeb on Twitter.

This has raised many questions from netizens. Cristiano Ronaldo is there, why not make him a tourism ambassador? Quoted from Middle East Eye, CR7 reportedly rejected the opportunity. That said, Ronaldo rejected the US$6 million per year deal in 2022.

According to the British Telegraph report, not only Ronaldo, Messi was also approached as a tourism ambassador. After that it was discovered that Messi agreed to become the face of Saudi Arabia tourism.

Saudi Arabia is aggressively promoting tourism, as a new foreign exchange field. The Red Sea area will reportedly be packed into a row of world-class resorts.

It is not certain when Messi and his family and relatives will come. It is believed, it could be during the international break towards the end of this month. [sources/photo special]