TOURISM and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno revealed that his party does not use incentive strategies in bringing in foreign tourists, but uses the strategy of the spirit of fast movement (gercep), joint movement (geber) and all potential employment (gaspol), or(3G) in the concept of collaborative marketing.

“We no longer use incentive strategies like Taiwan and other countries because to bring in foreign tourists through 3G (gercep, geber and gaspol) in the concept of collaborative marketing,” Sandiaga said in the Weekly Press Briefing held in Jakarta, Monday (03/13), 2023.

Sandiaga said this in response to Taiwan’s efforts to attract foreign tourists through the incentive program offered. Furthermore, we are targeting to be able to increase the number of quality foreign tourist visits without incentives.

“We are targeting and encouraging an increase in the number of middle-up quality tourism and encouraging an increase in quality tourists and focusing on experience, quality, sustainabillity, luxury tourism products that do not really need incentives,” he stated.

The strategy is carried out by participating in international tourism exchanges such as ITB Berlin, SATTE India, tourism expo Japan. Through these events, it is believed that foreign tourists from January to the end of 2022 will increase by 152% without being given incentives.

“The number of foreign tourists at the end of 2022 will reach 5.5 million above the upper limit target of 3.6 million, which means that without using incentives we can create foreign exchange value of nearly US$4.3 billion, on the other hand, I am also aware of the Ministry of Tourism’s limited budget in implementing incentive programs,” sandiaga remarked.

However, when asked about Indonesia’s participation in ITB Berlin on March 7-9 yesterday which sold 5 DPSP (super priority tourism destinations) with 300 thousand pax with a foreign exchange target of IDR5.2 trillion, was it achieved or not? Sandiaga then answered that the target was achieved seeing the enthusiasm of the tourists who would visit Indonesia was very large.

“Besides that, we have prepared a number of strategies in facing the low season later. For this reason, we will continue to encourage several activities so that the increase in foreign tourist visits continues to increase with the ATF 2023, F1 Powerboat, and WSBK which has just finished, we hope that it will also further encourage visits from tourists,” he noted.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, he continued, has several long-term plans to boost foreign tourists even though it is in the low season. Anticipate a decrease in the number of foreign tourists, but we can mitigate through cooperation with wholesalers or airlines partners, to offer several promos. The second is program activation through fam trips. Today we also have more than 400 tourists from Malaysia in the concept of MICE.

“In addition to promotional programs through participation in the largest international exhibitions such as SATE in India and ITB, the International Tourism-Bourse in Berlin and there is an Investment roadshow in Hong Kong, so we hope to attract more foreign tourists when we face this low season. Foreign tourist visits to Indonesia are still dominated by neighbors who are not far from Indonesia. Namely, the most occupied by Malaysia, then Australia, and followed by Singapore,” he added

Sandiaga concluded that the most in January 2023 is Malaysia with more than 112 thousand, Australia is second with 99 thousand, Singapore is third, Timor Leste is fourth and India is fifth. []