DEPUTY for Funding and Investment of the Otorita Ibu Kota Nusantara (OIKN) or Nusantara Capital City Authority, Agung Wicaksono invited world investors to support the development of the archipelago while attending a conference at the Hannover Messe 2023 event at the Indonesia Infinite Journey Pavillion, Hall 2, Hannover Messe 2023, Germany.

“As of April 10, 2023, we recorded 182 Letter of Intent (LOI) submissions from entrepreneurs from 16 countries of origin, of which 50% came from Indonesia, and most of the others came from Singapore, Malaysia, America, France, and China,” Agung said in Hannover, Germany, Tuesday (04/18).

Agung conveyed Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened.”

The statement emphasized that Agung inspiringly invited dozens of seminar participants, some of whom were potential investors, industry players and journalists, from various countries, to support the development process of the archipelago, Indonesia’s future capital city.

In his presentation, Agung enthusiastically conveyed what fields are offered by the Indonesian Government for world investors, as the jargon of the Archipelago Capital City (IKN) as a World City for All. This shows the high interest of world investors competing to support the development of IKN.

The potential for investment refers to various fields, including 22 LOIs submitted for the technology sector, 21 in the energy sector, 15 in the education sector, 15 others to build housing infrastructure, and the rest are in the fields of health, waste management, office buildings, and others.

Meanwhile, OIKN Secretary Achmad Jaka Santos Adiwijaya, also explained the Government’s long-term vision regarding IKN. In addition to conceptualizing it as a smart and sustainable world forest city, the Government is also committed to preserving more green areas in an area of 256,000 hectares.

Currently, according to Jaka, the Government targets to build this IKN with 65% preserving tropical forest areas and the other 35 percent for smart city development. Currently, according to Jaka, 22 residential towers for workers are expected to be gradually completed this year.

They will be the first population to build the capital’s infrastructure – at least in this first phase it will build the Government Center Core Area, which consists of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Palaces, ministry buildings with a shared office concept, as well as ASN, police and military housing that will occupy an area of 920 square kilometers.

“We hope that more and more world-class investors can take advantage of investing in the archipelago. The best facilities will be provided for ease of doing business in Indonesia’s future capital city, the Archipelago,” Jaka added.

Some of the ease of doing business facilities for investors include tax holidays, tax breaks of up to 100 percent for investors in infrastructure, and other businesses, including for the Financial Center Area sector.

Then there is also a super tax deduction, import duties and facilities for the import of capital goods, as well as duty-free imports of materials and goods.

“Therefore, on this occasion, we invite global investors to take part in this extraordinary and rare opportunity and become part of the history of the development of a new civilization in the archipelago, Indonesia’s new capital city,” Jaka concluded. [antaranews/photo special]