THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy projects that the economic turnover during homecoming and Eid holidays this year will increase compared to the previous year and is even expected to reach IDR240.1 trillion.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in The Extended Weekly Brief which took place hybridly from Jakarta, Monday (04/17), 2023 said this is certainly something we should be grateful for, but we must also anticipate so that managers of tourist destinations and creative economy centers continue to implement all CHSE protocols, security, safety, health and environmental sustainability protocols.

Sandiaga explained that the projected economic turnover cannot be separated from the predicted growth in community movement during this year’s homecoming season which is estimated to increase by 44.8% compared to last year or a total of 123.8 million people. Last year, the number of community movements during the homecoming moment amounted to 85.5 million people.

Some supporting factors that are predicted to be the cause of the increase in community movement include a longer number of holidays as well as relaxation of travel restriction policies.

“This is in accordance with our strategy. So, with the assumption of using the basis of spending of domestic tourists during the Lebaran homecoming in the 2019-2021 period of around 1.94 million, it is projected that the economic turnover will increase from the initial estimate of Rp150 trillion to Rp240.1 trillion,” Sandiaga stated.

Sandiaga further explained, the Ministry of tourism through the Deputy for Strategic Policy conducted a field survey to several loci which became homecoming movement points. Namely Java Island, especially Central Java and West Java (Cirebon), Sulawesi, especially Makassar, Lampung, and Sumatra, especially in the area around Padang City, as the main route of homecoming for representatives of the central and eastern western regions.

The top five travel origins in Eid 2023 are East Java at 17.1%, Central Java at 15.1%, Jabodetabek at 14.8%, West Java at 12.1%, and North Sumatra at 3.6%. 

“Then the top five travel destinations are Central Java by 26.45%, East Java by 19.87%, and several other regions,” Sandiaga remarked.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism also conducted an online survey which was conducted from March 31 to April 28, 2023. Based on temporary survey data until April 14, 2023, 77.6% of respondents stated that they would travel to their hometowns during the 2023 Eid holiday and 92% of respondents stated that they would travel during the 2023 Eid holiday period.

“As for the preference of tourist attractions, respondents who chose beaches/lakes/sea were 64.5%, culinary centers 54%, mountains/agro-tourism 51.3%, recreational parks 36.5%, and tourist villages 29.6%. This is an opportunity for all of our colleagues in an effort to strengthen economic revival and job creation,” Sandiaga added.

Meanwhile Deputy for Strategic Policy at the Ministry of Tourism, Nia Niscaya, added, from the survey results it was also known that people who did not go home by 92% stated that they would also travel during the Eid holiday by choosing destinations around the surrounding location.

“So basically, everyone wants to travel. Furthermore, I invite, in planning a vacation the community should be able to plan in advance. Because based on the survey results, it is also known that 63.4 percent stated that they planned their vacation in less than one month,” she said.

Nia added, when (booking a trip) last minute, the price must be expensive. This is also one thing that we must educate the public that vacationing is planned in advance. Let’s be a wise traveler who plans trips much earlier so that prices are definitely better. []