AS A FORM of concern for Individuals with Special Needs (IwSNs), in this case individuals with autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day, ARTOTELGroup in collaboration with MATALESOGE HospitABLElity Academy is holding ‘Autism Day at ARTOTEL’ on Saturday (5/13), 2023 at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta.

With the theme ‘Pulasan Rupa Gerak, Lukis, Karya Jiwa’, this activity which is also supported by the Indonesian Autisma Foundation (YAI) has a series of events consisting of talk shows, art workshops, painting exhibitions, music performances and fashion shows which aim to provide education related to Empowerment of Capabilities & Skills for Individuals with Special Needs.

The event, which took place from 10.00 WIB to 15.00 WIB, began with a talk show session with the theme “Seeing Opportunities to Work for Individuals with Special Needs” by inviting speakers consisting of outstanding individual with special needs such as Patrick Wiragalih with Autism who works as an EF Teacher and Trainer at the MATALESOGE HospitABLElity Academy, Nadhif RR with autism who works as a Barista, Ananta Kandaka with Asperger’s who works as the Principal of Jayaplus Montesori School, Yumiko Santoso as a parent from IwSNs, and Taufik Hidayat a representative from the Indonesian Autisma Foundation.

The art workshop was hosted by Safrie Effendi with the theme “Color Theory.” In addition, an art exhibition was also held featuring works of art from 10 individuals with special needs consisting of Diego Luister Berel, Anugerah Fadli, Fardha Affandi, Diaz Affandi, Ruben Rayhan Rotty, Audrey Angesti, Anfield Wibowo, Andra Naladira, Aziza Mischa Azalia and Indhy Mutiarahmah.

The event was even more lively with music performances by individuals with special needs (IwSNs), as well as fashion shows and bazaars featuring fashion creations from IwSNs, which has the Cute Monster brand.

According to Yulia Maria, Director of MarComms ARTOTELGroup said, we held this activity as part of ARTOTELGroup’s social action in carrying out the ESG (Environment, Social, Good Governance) program launched by the company since early 2022, where we collaborated with MATALESOGE HospitABLElity Academy to demonstrate our concern for individuals with special needs, by making our hotel chain a friendly hotel for IwSNs, and also providing a place for them to hone their skills and social skills.

“With the series of activities held today, we hope to inspire the community so that we can live side by side with individuals with special needs, and give them equal opportunities to work and achieve. We do not forget to thank the Indonesian Autisma Foundation for providing support for this event,” she said.

Meanwhile Tommy Hermanses, Founder of MATALESOGE Special Needs Services added that empowerment is a pure value that must be ‘transmitted’ through forums and communities that have the same human vision. Every individual, community or institution that cares about inclusiveness will always join hands to provide opportunities for equality.

“With this event, we hope that more and more agencies will care about and understand the world of inclusiveness. Thank you to ARTOTELGroup as a ‘pioneer’ in the hospitality industry in empowering this program,” he concluded. []