THE PROGRESS progress of the post-pandemic recovery of the aviation industry from COVID-19. According to him, all airlines are currently trying to meet the needs of the community with their respective abilities.

According to General Chairperson of the Indonesian National Airline Association (INACA), Denon Prawiraatmadja at his office, Secure Building, East Jakarta on Wednesday (5/17), 2023 explained now it’s 80% (recovery rate), Lior Air has a lot of people (passengers).

However, Denon continued, there are still business to business (B2B) agreements between airlines and landlords that must be finalized. He considered that the aviation industry was different from other industries when it was hit by a pandemic.

If other industries are affected by the pandemic, said Denon, they can start anew, but the aviation industry cannot just go through it. Because they have to bear the burden of costs that cannot be eliminated solely.

“Right now the airlines are trying to restore their transport capacity based on their respective capabilities, the resilience of each airline,” said Denon.

Apart from that, Denon also mentioned another matter, namely safety that needs attention in the aviation industry. He explained that many aircraft that had not been used for a long time needed to be inspected before they could return to operation.

“It must indeed enter the workshop first; only then can it fly again after that. Now, hopefully, I hope all airlines follow the rules,” said Denon.

The recovery of the aviation industry was also revealed by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). BPS data shows that the number of airplane passengers at five main airports in Indonesia throughout 2022 will reach 36.02 million people. This figure exceeds the achievements in 2020 (19.52 million people) and 2021 (15.99 million people).

This indicates that the aviation industry is starting to recover after being hit by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic since March 2020. The five airports in question are Kualanamu Airport (North Sumatra), Soekarno-Hatta (Banten), Juanda (East Java), Ngurah Rai (Bali), and Sultan Hasanuddin (South Sulawesi).

The number of domestic passengers at the five airports above in May last year even exceeded the record number of domestic passengers in May 2019. Although overall, the number of airplane passengers has not matched the figures obtained in 2017 to 2019. [sources/photo special]