LESS THAN eighteen months after Disney opened its first “Star Wars” themed hotel in Orlando, Florida to great fanfare, the company has confirmed “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” will be ceasing operations.

A Disney spokesperson, according to CNBC, which Variety reported on Friday local time, the hotel “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” is one of Disney’s most creative projects and has been praised by guests and recognized for setting new standards for innovation and immersive entertainment.

“This premium experience gives us the opportunity to try new things on a scale smaller than 100 rooms, and we will use what we have learned to create future experiences that can reach even more of our guests and fans.”

The hotel will officially close on September 30, 2023. The hotel, which charges about US$5,000 (IDR74.5 million) for a minimum two-night stay for two people, opened last March at Disney’s Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.

The hotel presents a new kind of interactive experience where guests will take part in a real-world “Star Wars” adventure assisted by actors who will assign them missions.

Despite taking on the concept emulating the feel of a spaceship, reviewers and guests have complained about the hotel’s small, windowless rooms, reliance on cell phones and technology as each guest is loaned a preloaded iPhone with a different mission for the duration of their stay, and a lack of amenities, such as a gym or swimming pool.

The hotel is not currently accepting new bookings. Guests who have reservations booked after these dates will be contacted to discuss their options.

Earlier this year, rumors abounded on Disney forums and blogs about the hotel’s low occupancy rate despite only offering a hundred rooms with several theme park blogs reporting that Disney was slashing prices in a bid to attract customers. [antaranews/photo special]