THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy continues the 5.0 Tourism Awareness Promotion activities in six Tourism Priority Destinations. The latest Tourism Awareness 5.0 socialization was held in eight Tourism Villages in the Central Lombok and West Lombok regions, West Nusa Tenggara, on 16-17 May 2023.

According to Deputy for Resources and Institutions at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy,  Martini Mohamad Paham in a press release received in Jakarta, Friday (5/19), said that the orientation of quality and sustainable tourism development provides an opportunity for tourist villages to take a strategic role.

“This is an opportunity for all of us to rise up to build a tourist village because of shifting trends that have made tourists choose to seek alternative new tourist attractions in tourist villages that provide a unique experience for them,” said Martini.

Tourism Awareness 5.0 socialization is part of a large series of Tourism Awareness 5.0 campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy with the support of the World Bank. A total of 90 Tourism Villages in six Tourism Priority Destinations were touched by the program, continuing the 65 Tourism Villages which had been touched by a similar program in 2022, including Lake Toba, Borobudur Yogyakarta Prambanan, Bromo Tengger Semeru, Lombok, Labuan Bajo and Wakatobi.

Previously, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said that currently there are more than 4,500 tourist villages that have completeness and are registered in the Tourism Village Network fostered by the Ministry of Tourism.

He encouraged various parties to carry out empowerment programs, including through the Tourism Awareness Campaign Program 5.0 because tourism villages have been proven to create opportunities to improve welfare for residents.

When opening the Tourism Awareness Socialization 5.0 in Lombok online, the Director of Tourism HR Development at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Florida Pardosi also underlined that tourism trends show that tourist villages are becoming increasingly popular and are even referred to as pandemic winners or destinations that are able to offer authentic experiences, outdoor activities, and opportunities for interaction. with local culture and wisdom.

“The people in tourist villages have the same roles and duties to ensure the continuity of tourism. Therefore, it requires high awareness and commitment to preserving nature, culture, so that the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesian tourist destinations continues to grow consistently and sustainably,” said Florida.

In line with that, on the same occasion, the Head of the West Lombok Tourism Office H.M. Fajar Taufik invited all participants to make good use of the opportunity to take part in Tourism Awareness Socialization 5.0. He appealed to all parties together with tourism village officials to think together about the potential that can be developed for tourism.

Representative of the Central Lombok Tourism Office, Lalu Imam Mahardika appreciated the implementation of the Tourism Awareness Socialization program in Central Lombok Regency to increase the capacity of tourism actors.

“Especially with the existence of a Special Economic Zone and the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok has its own magnet. This Tourism Awareness Socialization activity is expected to have a positive impact on tourism development. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop human resources to build our tourist villages,” said Priest.

Around 800 residents and tourism actors in eight tourist villages in Lombok took part in the Tourism Awareness Socialization 5.0 activity. These villages are two tourist villages from West Lombok Regency (Batu Putih and Pelangan), as well as six tourist villages from Central Lombok Regency (Mertak, Mekar Sari, Bilebante, Bonjeruk, Penujak, and Sengkol).

These villages are rich in tourism potential in terms of nature, culture and attractions, for example Batu Putih Tourism Village which is famous for one of the best surfing locations in the world, Bilebante and Bonjeruk Tourism Villages which promise an experience of interaction with local wisdom, culture and daily life. Sengkol Tourism Village which manages the Ende Traditional Village, Penujak Tourism Village as a pottery craft paradise, and Mekar Sari and Mertak Tourism Villages which have stunning rows of beaches. [antaranews/photo special]