A YOUNG creative artist on canvas with a pop-surrealism concept, Apin held a solo exhibition entitled “Come Into My World” at ARTSpace, ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, from May 27 to July 31 2023. The exhibition officially opened on Friday (5/26) according to through the visuals of a reptile animal, namely a chameleon, it becomes the figure of a ‘Chameleon’ in every element of art and graphic form in the figure of his work this time.

“Childhood testimony means the phenomenon of many things that I watched in my childhood and almost all of my 15 artworks that are exhibited here are based on personal experience in my past and some of what I caught, I interpreted, and this is the result,” he said when the press conference.

According to Apin, all of the existing works also record other social journeys. There are many recorded events that describe food and play, which tell how young children always want to get what they want in any way to get it.

“In the current context, in my works such as: ‘I Want It, I Got It & Let’s Play Again’ and “Do Something Nice’ there are always good things that can be produced in unexpected areas that I find,” he said.

With a pop-surrealism style, the young painter Apin also shows his maturity in drawing brushes on canvas. Do not hesitate to incise bright colors and dare to play a mix of cheerful and bright colors.

“I really admire the ‘chameleon’ or chameleon, who is my idol, which is present in every element of my work this time as a graphic form that appears in these works,” added Apin.

Meanwhile Windi Solomon, Art Director ARTOTELGroup said we are very proud to be able to collaborate with one of the talented young artists, Indonesian contemporary art to display his spectacular works of art at ARTSpace ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta and we hope that this exhibition can be enjoyed by hotel guests, the public and connoisseurs of contemporary art. Indonesia.

Likewise, Jefri Chaniago, as from the Kiniko Art management team added, we thank ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta for the collaboration given this time through a solo exhibition by Apin and enjoy it. []