THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy held a business meeting “Indonesia Spice Up The World” (ISUTW) in an effort to strengthen the capacity of Indonesian restaurant businesses in England and the Netherlands.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his statement, Thursday (5/25), 2023 said this activity was a real effort from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to strengthen the promotion of Indonesia’s culinary potential in the international market.

“Through this program, we will promote Indonesia’s diverse culinary potential as much as possible so that Indonesian culinary can be more global and revive the economy and also open business opportunities and employment opportunities for our people,” Sandiaga said.

Meanwhile Deputy for Industry and Investment of the Ministry of Tourism, Rizki Handayani explained that Indonesia Spice Up The World is a collaborative program between stakeholders to promote Indonesian culinary in order to achieve an export value of US$2 billion. Apart from that, it is also developing as many as 4,000 restaurants abroad by 2024 and promoting local Indonesian brands of spices and seasoning products.

This business meeting, continued Rizki, was held on Sunday (5/21), 2023 in London, England and Tuesday (5/23) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The series of activities from this business meeting included financing listings, inauguration of the Orient Express Restaurant, coaching clinic for the IndoStar program, introducing Integrated Technology for culinary business development, discussions with stakeholders and the diaspora in London and Amsterdam and benchmarking to the seasoning market that had developed in London. and Amsterdam to encourage supplies of Indonesian spices to enter the European market.

“The Ministry of Tourism will facilitate Indonesian restaurant business actors and provide structured and massive assistance with the aim that the business of these restaurant actors can develop and be ready to receive financing from potential investors. Apart from that, this facilitation is also expected to increase export capacity for Indonesian seasoning and spice businesses,” she remarked.

She explained that, this was in accordance with the Tourism Ministry tagline to realize programs that were right on target, right for benefits, and on time, and oriented towards recovering the Indonesian economy to enter a new economic order, namely a digital-based economy.

“This activity received a good response from the Indonesian diaspora both in England and the Netherlands,” she added.

Likewise, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mayerfas, said that there was a need for government intervention to further expand the promotion of Indonesian culinary in the international market.

“With the strategy of presenting Indonesian restaurants abroad, developing good branding and management will make Indonesian processed food, spices and culinary delights increasingly preferred, sought after and popular in all parts of the world,” concluded Ambassador Mayerfas. []