THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates and mentions holding the “Indonesia Ecotourism Summit (IES) 2023” conference which discusses current issues related to ecology and social issues in society through ecotourism trends.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his online remarks at the “Indonesia Ecotourism Summit (IES) 2023” which took place in Bandung, Tuesday (5/23), 2023, said ecotourism has an important role in improving the quality of tourism, especially in modern era.

“I appreciate the Indonesian Ecotourism Network (IEN) together with Asian Ecotourism and all parties who work together, for the efforts and success of organizing The Indonesia Ecotourism Summit (IES) 2023 in Bandung,” said Sandiaga.

Ecotourism is a challenge as well as an opportunity in balancing nature conservation, culture and empowering local communities to improve the quality of sustainable tourism.

“I hope this event can become a platform for exchanging ideas and implementing practical steps to improve the quality of tourism, especially ecotourism, empowering local communities through tourism, promoting responsible tourism, and the overall discourse on sustainable tourism including in global, regional development and management. , national and local,” Sandiaga remarked.

Apart from discussing current issues related to ecotourism, this activity which was attended by all stakeholders also aimed at strengthening networks between stakeholders and ecotourism actors in Indonesia, improving the image and promotion of Indonesian ecotourism products in a sustainable manner, and formulating an Indonesian ecotourism declaration.

“I hope this event can effectively promote and enhance the development of ecotourism in Indonesia. Also anticipate an increase in visits by special interest groups, special interest tourists, and the establishment of a stronger network between ecotourism stakeholders in Indonesia, the Asia-Pacific region and globally in the future,” he mentioned.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the ASEAN Ecotourism Network, Masaru Takayama, said that talking about the future of sustainable tourism certainly has to look back and Indonesia’s current position. What we have cannot be lost. What exists today must be passed on to the next generation without changing anything.

“Because ecotourism was discovered almost more than 30 years ago. What is our role in maintaining what we have, learning from our predecessors to maintain traditions and adapt them to the latest external influences,” Masaru Takayama added.

Takayama further said, Asia is still the largest market as well as source for ecotourism. It is high time we apply (ecotourism) standards for Asia. []