PASSPORT is a document that serves as proof of a citizen’s identity when outside their homeland or country. Generally, you will need to apply for a replacement passport every five years, at which time it will expire. However, what if your passport is lost or damaged, can you apply for a new passport?

Reported by the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration, a replacement for an ordinary passport can be submitted if it meets one of the following requirements:

The validity period will expire (less than six months of validity of the passport):
(1). The validity period has expired, (2). Lost, (3). Damaged during the passport issuance process. In this case, the issuing immigration office will immediately cancel, (4). Damaged beyond the publication process (torn, wet, burned, crossed out, etc.) so that the information inside becomes unclear or gives the impression that it is no longer appropriate as an official document. In this case, the Immigration Officer will revoke the passport after the inspection report is made. This means that you can apply for a new one if your passport is lost or damaged.

Then, what are the requirements that must be prepared and what is the procedure? Check out the following explanation.

Requirements for replacing a lost/damaged passport:
(1). Replacement for ordinary passports that are lost/damaged can be submitted by completing the following requirements, (2). Lost report letter from the local police (for those who are lost), or an old passport (for those who are damaged), (3). Identity card (KTP) that is still valid, (4). Family card (KK).

Additional requirements for a lost/damaged replacement applicant due to force majeure:
(1). Letter of application for replacement of lost passport to the Head of the Immigration Office containing name, place and date of birth, domicile address, occupation, and reasons for application, (2). A certificate from the sub-district/authorized authority in accordance with the domicile of the applicant stating that the applicant has experienced force majeure, (3). The force majeure referred to includes floods, earthquakes, fires, riots, or other natural disasters determined by the competent authority.

Procedure for replacing a lost/damaged passport
You can take care of lost or damaged passports manually at the Immigration office in the following ways:  (1). Visit the nearest Immigration office: Fill in the data in the application provided at the application counter, (2). Attach documents completeness requirements, (3). The Immigration Officer will examine the application for a replacement for an ordinary passport as outlined in the inspection report (BAP), (4). BAP will be submitted to the Head of the Immigration Office for consideration, (5). If approved, please make payment, (6). The officer will take care of the passport replacement after you make the payment.

As a note, if the results of the inspection show that your passport is lost or damaged due to carelessness and beyond your means, you will be given a replacement passport.

However, if it occurs due to carelessness or negligence accompanied by unacceptable reasons, the issuance of an ordinary passport can be suspended for a minimum of six months up to a maximum of two years.

Compensation fee for lost/damaged passport
When applying for the issuance of a new Passport due to lost or damaged reasons, you will be fined.

The cost of issuing a new passport is as follows: (1). Non-electronic ordinary passport 48 pages: IDR350,000, (2). Ordinary 48-page electronic passport: IDR650,000 (3). Passport expediting service (finished on the same day): IDR1,000,000.

While the fines for replacing a passport due to loss or damage are as follows: (1). Lost passport expense fee: IDR1,000,000, (2). Damaged passport fee: IDR 500,000, (3). Lost/damaged passport expenses due to force majeure: IDR 0. These are the terms, procedures, and fees for dealing with lost or damaged passports. [ special]