THE CENTRAL Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that the number of foreign tourists in Indonesia reached 1.062 million visits in June 2023, an increase of 12.39% on a monthly basis (month-to-month). The reason is that several airlines have opened new flight routes.

According to the Deputy for Distribution and Services Statistics, Pudji Ismartini, explained as many as 908.3 thousand foreign tourist visits through the main entrance or an increase of 17.22% (mtm), while through the border entrance there were 154.49 thousand visits or a decrease of 9.48%. (mtm).

“The number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia in June 2023 was 1.062 million visits, up 12.39% on a monthly basis and up 119.64% on an annual basis,” he said at the BPS Head Office, Tuesday (1/8).

While cumulatively until June 2023, the number of foreign tourists coming to the country reached 5.19 million visits, so that per semester I 2023 the number shot up 250.33% compared to the total visits in the same period last year (yoy).

“Until the first semester of 2023, foreign tourist arrivals were equivalent to 88.12% of the total visits throughout 2022. Even though the number of foreign tourists continued to increase, he said, the total number of foreign tourists until June 2023 was still lower than the same period in June 2019 or before the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for foreign tourist arrivals based on nationality in June 2023, most of them came from Singapore, reaching 174.4 thousand with a portion of 16.4% or an increase of 73.18% (mtm). The second position from Malaysia reached 168.8 thousand with a portion of 15.9%, down 0.25% (mtm). Then the third is Australia which reached 132.5 thousand with a portion of 12.5%, up 16.35% (mtm).

“In the average day of stay, foreign tourists spend 7.89 days in Indonesia,” Pudji concluded. [sources/photo special]