IT IS predicted that the trend of coffee in Indonesia until 2023 will not subside, but will instead increase by up to four percent as reported by the survey agency Euromonitor. This shows that the enthusiasm of the Indonesian people in the coffee sector is increasing from year to year.

Responding to this trend, Otten Coffee and Rasa Group joined forces to present a festive coffee festival for the Indonesian people. This collaboration introduces Kopi Fest Indonesia 2023, an event to gather coffee lovers and Indonesian people who have an interest in it.

Uniquely, this festival is also designed for visitors who just want to experience a new “coffee” experience. Kopi Fest Indonesia 2023 will visit four major cities in Indonesia, namely Medan, Semarang, Bandung and Jakarta, in a series of roadshows. This festival has started its series of events in Medan on 5 July 2023 and has successfully attracted the attention of more than 100,000 visitors.

“We are doing roadshows to these four cities to greet people more closely. We also bring a number of beverage creations, especially authentic coffee from various regions in Indonesia, we hope to gain insight from the community in developing the coffee industry,” added Sherley Ruslie, Managing Director of Rasa Group in a press statement.

The good news is that the people of Semarang can also take part in this festive festival. This is because the capital city of Central Java will be the next stopover on August 23, 2023.

“Semarang is our second destination because it has a strong coffee community base. We will present a series of people’s favorite snacks, entertainment activities, to prestigious coffee competitions on a national and international scale,” explained Jhoni Kusno, CEO and Co-founder of Otten Coffee at the opening of the 2023 Indonesian Coffee Fest Semarang.

The most prestigious coffee competition
Apart from being a gathering place for coffee lovers, connoisseurs, and industry players, Kopi Fest Indonesia will also win two prestigious competitions in the world of coffee, namely the 2023 Indonesia AeroPress Championship and the 2023 Barista Innovation Challenge. These two competitions often attract attention and become the subject of conversation among coffee drinkers. coffee activist.

“The Indonesia AeroPress Championship itself is a competition that we have previously held as an official licensee in Indonesia. This year we will bring more participants from all over Indonesia. The winner of this competition will be sent to show off at a world-class competition held in Melbourne, Australia as a representative from Indonesia,” concluded Jhoni.

No less interesting, the 2023 Barista Innovation Challenge (BIC) will also appear on a larger scale than the previous year. This time, this competition will challenge the outstanding baristas in Indonesia to show off their talents to each other.

“Like last year, with the holding of BIC, we hope to be able to get variants of coffee flavor recipes that carry Indonesian characteristics and tastes that compete overseas at BIC this year,” Sherley Ruslie added.

Promos and exhibitions for Indonesian MSMEs
Kopi Fest Indonesia 2023 also collaborates with BCA Bangga Lokal to promote Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in various regions, something that will not be found at other events. Visitors can enjoy lots of discounts and promotions from their favorite brands, especially for food and beverage tenants.

“As part of the Indonesian financial and economic system, BCA is always committed to supporting national economic recovery, including support for MSMEs. We want to bring the good name of Indonesian MSMEs, especially those engaged in the coffee business at the Indonesian Coffee Festival,” said Budi Rahardjo, Vice President of the Transaction Banking Functional Office at BCA Semarang.

“We offer various kinds of promotions that are certainly interesting for the public. For example, QRIS BCA cashback is 50 thousand for the first 150 transactions every day for a minimum purchase of 100,000, and cashback 15 thousand for the first 200 transactions every day for a minimum purchase of 75,000,” added Budi Rahardjo.

Apart from that, there are also exciting activities that offer direct prizes and more promos for those who come. Like Coffee Passport, a passport that can be obtained for free and will challenge visitors to complete several missions.

“We also held several interesting challenges and promos for all visitors and even participating tenants,” said Jhoni.

After the 2023 Indonesian Coffee Fest event in Semarang on August 23-27, this event will continue in Bandung on September 20-24, 2023, then close with an event in Jakarta, October 4-8, 2023. For more detailed information about the event and how to register, can visit [antaranews]