THE WELL-known luggage product American Tourister revealed a number of strategies they implemented in Indonesia to become a popular brand in the digital sector.

According to American Tourister Marketing Manager Aldila Adininggar, in a press statement received in Jakarta, Monday (9/11), consumers in the two top markets in Indonesia were chosen as one of the factors that contributed to the choice of this luggage brand which was present in 2008 by consumers in the top two markets in Indonesia because they always participate in various campaigns in market locations.

“To encourage sales in the digital era through the marketplace, we always participate in big campaigns offered by the marketplace to encourage sales of the American Tourister brand,” said Aldila.

Apart from that, according to Aldila again, in maintaining the image, American Tourister is committed to continuing to sell high quality products, at affordable prices and with versatile designs and following trends in travel needs in the Indonesian market to date.

In building its image in the digital realm, Aldila said that American Tourister collaborates a lot by collaborating with content creators and also several influencers in the travel and lifestyle sector.

This well-known product recently won the 2023 Brand Choice Award held by together with Tras N Co Indonesia. American Tourister, which is part of PT Samsonite Indonesia, has managed to record more than 82 thousand reviews on internet pages, as well as thousands of transactions with positive reviews in the two top markets in Indonesia, making this suitcase the best choice for consumers when looking for luggage products.

In decades of business travel, American Tourister continues to innovate its products by developing many of its user experiences from year to year. Most recently, American Tourister made innovations in luggage products with a book opening system with a capacity of 90:10 to make it easier for tourists when traveling to hotels that are not too large. [sources/photo special]