AHEAD of its launch, the Porsche Panamera will undergo final stage testing in Barcelona. Porsche engineers are checking the final details of the next-generation Panamera and will complete most of the testing procedures.

Previously, the latest Panamera had undergone testing in the United States to check drivetrain performance at high altitudes and low oxygen levels, as well as verify the performance of the engine cooling and AC systems in extreme heat conditions. Then, testing was also carried out in Scandinavia to test the Panamera at very low temperatures.

Apart from that, the latest Panamera has also been tested in South Africa to see the car’s ability to navigate extreme roads. Finally, testing in Asia to see the car’s performance in high humidity and traffic jams in big cities.

“We test every new car intensively to meet our demands, and of course the demands of our customers around the world. The standards we keep are always the development targets specified in the specifications. The new Panamera must excel in the here and now, especially in terms of performance, comfort, and acoustics,” said Porsche Development Manager Marcel Honemann in a press release.

The new Panamera has a completely upgraded engine with a focus on sustainable powertrain and efficiency. If the second generation Panamera was available in three E-Hybrid powertrains, in this latest generation there will be the addition of a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

“This is our response to the many requests from our customers. In some countries, the proportion of E-Hybrid in the Panamera is almost 100%. This latest derivative (variant) is a high-performance mode that fits perfectly into the multi-purpose product range,” said the Head of Product Line Panamera, Thomas Friemuth.

“We improved the Panamera’s electrical performance in all E-Hybrid models with respect to driving dynamics and the important discipline of electric range and charging speed. During our tests, we improved performance by up to 70 percent using only electric power compared to its predecessor,” he added.

This new Panamera E-Hybrid uses a new electric motor base which is claimed to be more powerful and integrated with a new dual clutch transmission. The battery capacity is larger, namely 25.9 kWh and supports 11 kW charging to shorten charging time.

The new Panamera also uses a semi-active chassis for the first time with new two-valve shock absorbers as standard. This new suspension can adjust compression and rebound stages independently of each other.

The new Porsche Panamera will make its debut at the Icons of Porsche Festival in Dubai on November 24, 2023. The car will be exhibited to festival participants from November 25 to 26 2023. [sources/photo special]