DUE TO the high price of plane tickets, this has become an obstacle for foreign tourists from China visiting Indonesia, so the number of Chinese tourists to all countries is not large, the first reason is because the price of plane tickets is high.

According to Adyatama Tourism and Creative Economy Main Expert, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Nia Niscaya in the weekly press briefing at the Sapta Pesona Building, Monday (9/25), 2023, stated that the condition of flights from China is currently in a transitional stage after previously ” hibernation” due to the pandemic.

“Airline crew are also changing jobs, aircraft repair shops are also queuing. So the availability of planes is decreasing, this is what makes ticket prices expensive. Apart from technical obstacles, China is currently also encouraging its people to travel in domestic areas,” she said.

Nia explained that it is true that countries in ASEAN have not received the same number of tourist visits from China as before the pre-pandemic.

“As we quoted from the Central Statistics Agency website, tourists from China occupy the fourth position in visiting Indonesia as of July 2023. The percentage of tourist visits from China reached 7.57% or around 84,957 visits,” she remarked.

This number is quite large compared to the number of foreign tourists visiting from China in the same period in the last three years. In the July 2022 period, the number of tourists from China to Indonesia was 16,228 visits. In July 2021 the number fell to 2,941 visits, and in July 2020 the number of tourists from China was recorded at 2,681 visits.

Meanwhile, before the pandemic, namely in the July 2019 period, the number of tourists from China to Indonesia reached 193,594 visits.

“Currently, the five countries with the most visits to Indonesia are dominated by countries that are relatively close. This situation is in line with the explanation conveyed by the world tourism organization, UNWTO, that the current trend of tourists is to travel to nearby places,” Nia concluded.

As is the case in Indonesia, based on BPS data, the top five countries of origin for foreign tourists visiting as of July 2023 are from nearby countries. Among them are Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, China and Timor Leste. []