BANGKOK Airways will ask its passengers to weight on a scale before boarding the plane. This was previously implemented by several international airlines, such as Korean Air and Air New Zealand.

The Thai airline made the announcement recently on its Facebook page. The notification states that the weight check survey will be carried out between September and October 31, 2023.

As for the reasons for weighing, in its statement, the airline wrote that this new policy is in accordance with International Civil Aviation standards regarding the use of passenger and baggage weight standards for the purpose of calculating weight and balance, the implementation of standard weight surveys is very important for flight safety and efficiency.

In determining that the actual weight does not exceed the maximum take-off weight limitation. For this reason, Bangkok Airways weighs passengers and their carry-on baggage at the departure gate.

“We guarantee that this information will be kept confidential and will be used to update standard passenger and baggage weight information,” the airline added.

Standard protocol
Bangkok Airways is not the first airline to introduce scales to travelers before they board a plane. Earlier this year, Air New Zealand launched a similar survey, and Korean Air also carried out passenger weight checks at Incheon and Gimpo airports in September.

This step has been implemented by several airlines including these three airlines to follow standard protocols set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The data collected helps airlines accurately measure the amount of fuel a plane may need for each flight.

This not only saves fuel but also allows airlines to save up to US$1 billion (around IDR15.4 trillion) every year. Passenger weight data also helps flights become more efficient.

However, this weight survey is also voluntary for Bangkok Airways passengers, as is the case for Korean Air and Air New Zealand passengers. Those who do not wish to take part can simply notify airline staff, the company said in response to comments on a Facebook post. [sources/photo special]