THE Soekarno-Hatta Special Class I Immigration Office is preparing autogate services or special lanes for Indonesian (RI) citizens arriving from abroad. This service, to simplify and speed up access to immigration, is provided with facial recognition technology (facial recognition system) and border control management (supervision management).

“Currently, the newest ones are 24 autogates, and we will add more to 50, including two for disabilities. So the current total, together with the existing ones, is 66 autogates at Soekarno-Hatta Airport,” said the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, at Terminal 3 Arrivals at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Monday, October 2 2023.

He explained that the 66 autogates consisted of 10 in Terminal 2 which were divided into arrivals and departures, and 56 (including the current 24) autogates in Terminal 3, which were divided into 41 in arrivals and 15 in departures.

According to Silmy, currently the latest 24 autogate service can only be used by Indonesian citizens. This service will be used for foreigners when the party has added up to 50 autogates with various inspection features in accordance with the provisions.

“At the moment we are limiting it to Indonesian citizens first. When we have 50 autogates, foreigners will be able to use it. Because the application is taken geometrically for foreigners so that later it will be checked by those who pass by. For example, the name and date of birth are the same, but the face is different, “That’s what will determine. Well, that feature will be different,” he said.

Silmy said that the new autogate service was similar to that at Doha Airport, Qatar. This service is a form of immigration transformation that collaborates facial recognition and border control management technology.

“We are competing with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Singapore in providing the best service for passengers. So we don’t want to lose in the context of competing well with other countries,” he explained.

Silmy added that this new autogate service is also part of his support for the U-17 World Cup international event which will be held in Indonesia.

“I’m targeting December, it takes time for installation. But it’s possible it will also be used for the U-17 World Cup. Autogate is here to simplify and speed up access to immigration,” he concluded. [sources/photo special]