NISSAN has revealed four concept cars that are confirmed to be present at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (10/26), 2023. One of Nissan’s newest concept cars that will appear at the successor to the Tokyo Motor Show is the Nissan Hyper Tourer.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer is here as a preview of an electric minivan that offers typical Japanese luxury and comfort. So, if we check the exterior, it appears that Nissan might present an electric Nissan Elgrand from this concept.

Its elegant futuristic shape complete with sharp lines opens up the opportunity for the newest Elgrand to have a ‘bolder’ appearance than the Alphard or Vellfire. Nissan also did not forget to add several unique Japanese characteristics to the exterior of the Hyper Tourer, such as rims with a kumiko pattern.

Entering the interior, Nissan calls the Hyper Tourer a combination of Japanese omotenashi traditions and the latest electric car technology. When entering, passengers are greeted with front doors and rear doors that slide open like luxury double doors.

Passengers are then presented with four individual seats that can be arranged face to face. Regarding technology, the Hyper Tourer is said to have a solid-state battery and e-4ORCE all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, Nissan did not mention the capacity or specifications of the power produced by this drive.

But Nissan has revealed that the Hyper Tourer already has fully autonomous driving. Apart from that, there is also AI technology that can detect passengers’ vitality such as heart rate, breathing and brain activity. [sources/photo special]