IF VALENTINE’s Day is mostly celebrated by couples, then Singles’ Day or World Singles Day is a special celebration moment for singles. Falling every November 11, “Singles’ Day”, which was first celebrated in China, is usually filled with various self-indulgent activities, from shopping, eating at restaurants, to just going out with your closest friends.

For those who want to enjoy “Singles’ Day”, solo traveling is one of the activity choices that many people like. Here are three choices of tourist destinations for those of you who want to go alone, based on recommendations from the travel platform received in Jakarta, Friday.

1. Feel the fresh air in Malang
If you are bored with the hot weather and want to enjoy a new atmosphere, Malang can become a favorite destination with its various attractions. In this city, visitors will immediately be greeted by clean air and various activities suitable for solo travel, from exploring culinary delights, visiting natural attractions, museums, to various other recreational areas.

Come to Malang with a bus ticket from Jakarta to Malang and stay at a hotel with the best facilities for “me time”.

Don’t forget, also visit Jatim Park 2 which offers lots of games and entertainment, as well as seeing various types of cute and unique animals.

2. Cultural and historical tourism in Yogyakarta
This city has always been a tourist destination that many people miss. Yogyakarta is known for its well-preserved cultural diversity, enchanting natural beauty, and various fascinating historical places.

3. Enjoy exciting and fun adventures in Malaysia
Known for its various interesting tourist attractions, Malaysia is one of the favorite destinations for enjoying solo travel.

A holiday in Malaysia is certainly not complete without enjoying the beauty of Genting Highlands, the famous highland area while taking part in thrilling games at Genting Skyworlds with entrance ticket prices starting from IDR454.000 per person, as well as feeling the sensation of adventure at the LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort recreational vehicle with entrance ticket prices starting from Rp. 242 thousand.

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