UNCERTAINTY during the COVID-19 pandemic is changing tourist travel trends. Compared to looking for the best accommodation for a staycation, currently tourists tend to look for holiday activities that are simpler, but still memorable. This is what ultimately regenerates the trend of nostalgic gateways in the tourism sector.

The emergence of the nostalgic gateways trends actually began with tourists’ desire to return to simpler times. In other words, tourists want holiday activities to feel more exciting and intimate, like in the pre-digital era.

Compared to doing calm and relaxing relaxation activities such as staycations, the nostalgic gateway tourism trend focuses on inviting tourists to reminisce about the joys of the past or childhood. So, holiday activities can also be a sweet nostalgic moment.

So, where are the suitable locations for nostalgic gateways? Here are some options:
Kelor Island, Seribu Islands
The film Adventures of Sherina 2 (2023) seems to be a place for nostalgia for the millennial generation or the 90s generation. Remember, this film is the moment when Sherina and Sadam (Derby Romero) meet after 23 years. Reminisce about Sherina and Sadam not only by watching the film. Parekraf friends can also directly visit one of the film shooting locations on Kelor Island, Seribu Islands, Jakarta.

One of the small islands located in the Thousand Islands group is not only synonymous with white sand and clear sea water. However, it is also famous for its red brick fort called Fort Martello. It is said that the fort, which was built in 1850, became a Dutch stronghold.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Bangka Belitung
Next is Tanjung Tinggi Beach, a tourist destination in Bangka Belitung which was the shooting location for the film Laskar Pelangi (2008). The beach has soft white sand and clear green sea water. To reminisce, we can sit and relax on the iconic giant granite rock.

Apart from walking around Tanjung Tinggi, you can also reminisce around the beach. Such as Laskar Pelangi Beach, Mabai Beach, Paonggarona Beach, or try island hopping to Kepayang Island. If you want nostalgia for the film Laskar Pelangi, Parekraf friends can visit several filming locations in Bangka Belitung, such as a replica of Muhammadiyah Elementary School or the Andrea Hirata Word Museum.

Thematic dining place
Nostalgic gateways don’t just have to visit tourist attractions that were filming locations during childhood. However, we can also visit thematic eating places that carry the concept of “grandmother’s house”. One that is quite famous is the thematic eating place, Kopi Klotok, Yogyakarta. Identical to traditional house buildings surrounded by a rural atmosphere, Kopi Klotok provides an atmosphere like that of a grandmother’s house, which is warm and beautiful.

Apart from Kopi Klotok, you can also stop by Mangut Lele Mbah Marto which is located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. When you arrive, Parekraf friends are immediately directed to the pawon (kitchen), and take food according to your wishes, just like eating at home. After that, we can immediately eat the mangut catfish dish with an authentic taste, in a serene rural atmosphere.

Even though you have entered adulthood, there’s no harm in visiting a theme park or playground to reminisce. Not just fun, it turns out that a holiday to the playground can be a nostalgic gateway moment to remember the first time your parents took you to the playground.

On the playground, you can try out the most memorable games. For example, by riding the roller coaster for the first time with the family, remembering the good times while riding the merry-go-round, or simply buying cotton candy and other sweet foods as a cure for childhood longing. So, are you ready for a holiday and reminisce? []