THE JAKARTA International Coffee Conference (JICC) event which took place on 17-19 November 2023 could strengthen the growth of the Indonesia’s (RI) coffee industry. This JICC is an affirmation, especially in growing the country’s coffee industry to be of better quality and sustainability.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, in his speech when opening JICC 2023, Friday (11/17), 2023 in Sarinah, Jakarta, said that Indonesian coffee has received global recognition and has high industrial value. The average production of Indonesian coffee beans reaches 800 thousand tons, which places Indonesia in the top 4 in the world.

“Apart from its high production value, Indonesia, with its diverse types of coffee, has great potential to continue to be developed. Especially from the tourism side, namely through a storynomics approach. “That is, when tourists enjoy typical Indonesian coffee, they not only get the distinctive coffee taste but also the story behind the coffee,” he said.

He explained, like I was drinking coffee from Simalungun, or we can also talk about Ciwidey (coffee) which has been world champion several times. So how can we highlight the stories behind Indonesian coffee.

Sandiaga hopes that the JICC which will take place at the Sarinah Building, Jakarta, can strengthen these potentials.

JICC presents various events ranging from conferences on the coffee industry, exhibitions from well-known coffee brands, the ICC League Jakarta-Indonesia Barista Championship, coffee exhibitions, to Soundspresso music entertainment performances. It is hoped that this series of events can strengthen the Indonesian coffee industry ecosystem which is ready to compete and collaborate at an international level with all players in the world coffee industry.

“Through the Jakarta International Coffee Conference, we want the national coffee (industry) to become better quality and more sustainable. Quality and sustainability. “On that occasion we also encouraged JICC’s intellectual property as a brand to be registered so that next year’s JICC event could be bigger and more massive,” he noted.

He added that this also strengthens the attractiveness of Jakarta, which yesterday received the ‘Best Cities to Travel’ award in 2024 from Lonely Planet. Take advantage of this opportunity to offer the main attraction of coffee culture in Jakarta in order to improve quality and open up business opportunities and employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, Head of the DKI Jakarta Province Tourism and Creative Economy Service, Andhika Permata, said that his party fully supports JICC 2023, which is a form of government synergy with the country’s coffee industry.

“Indonesia as the fourth largest coffee producer in the world is one of the factors that encourages the government to support coffee industry players so that they not only succeed in their own country but are also able to compete on the world stage,” Andhika remarked.

Likewise, Founder & Chairman of the Indonesia Gastronomy Network, Vita Datau, explained that JICC will provide knowledge about the impact of the sustainability of the coffee industry on the welfare of coffee farmers and the quality of the coffee beans themselves.

“The Jakarta International Coffee Conference is one way for the Indonesian people to understand that the coffee industry has quite a big role in our country’s economic sector,” said Vita Datau.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Romero Comacho, Chief Executive of JICC 2023, said, JICC wants to provide specific guidance and awareness regarding theories and real actions that can be taken to understand more deeply the upstream to downstream processes of the coffee industry. Starting from how coffee is processed, coffee bean cultivation, export and import processes, cafe and barista management, to sustainability which can achieve a sustainable coffee ecosystem.

This event also involves the participation of coffee practitioners from various countries such as Germany, Vietnam and Kazakhstan, each of whom will fill several topic sessions such as the Barista Community Conference to the sustainability conference. []