A TECHONOLOGY-based company providing Indonesian coffee beans, namely Otten Coffee, is holding the Pekan Kopi Nusantara or Archipelago Coffee Week for people who want to taste coffee and get to know more than 200 coffee variants from all coffee plantations in Indonesia various regions.

“Archipelago Coffee Week will invite you to explore Indonesia through a cup of coffee. “Apart from that, various interesting activities will be held every day, such as free coffee classes and big promotions,” said Otten Coffee Indonesia Brand Manager Franki, quoted from a press statement, Wednesday (01/24), 2024.

According to a recent report, Indonesia will become the largest coffee producing country in Southeast Asia in 2023 with a turnover of more than IDR14.7 trillion. This shows that Indonesian coffee has great advantages and potential, both locally and internationally.

Based on this fact, Otten Coffee Indonesia is holding the Archipelago Coffee Week, an event that will summarize a variety of coffee from all corners of the archipelago in one place.

In this event, visitors will find an interactive atmosphere to get to know coffee drinking culture more closely. On certain days, the Otten Coffee team will also present a different regional theme each day in the form of event nuances and costumes, depending on the coffee beans that can be tried that day.

“Apart from enjoying a coffee experience that is strong with Indonesian elements, visitors can also learn to brew their own coffee using various tools, such as the V60, French Press and AeroPress. They can try coffee for free and get experience making their own coffee with lots of brewing equipment,” said Franki.

Otten Coffee will also provide special promotions for visitors. There are discounts of up to 40% for all Otten Coffee products, direct shopping vouchers, as well as special prices for coffee equipment and coffee machines that visitors want to buy.

Archipelago Coffee Week will last for 11 days, starting from January 25 to February 4 at Artha Gading Mall, North Jakarta. [antaranews]