THE YEAR 2023 will soon end with many extraordinary travel stories. Now, people are starting to plan trips for next year. Where will tourists go in 2024?

American Express releases its annual list of trending destinations. There are 10 must-visit locations based on Amex card members’ bookings and recommendations curated from the company’s 7,000 travel consultants. This year, travelers are thinking bigger and bolder, enjoying more remote spots and more immersive experiences.

According to Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel, said that people now have a purpose in the travel they do. Travelers build vacations based on their interests, knowing what they want to get from their trip. This spirit attracts people to new travel plans and takes them to new destinations, beyond traditional tourist attractions.

“Trending locations, driven by Gen Z and Millennials, highlight unconventional vacation towns. A preliminary 2023 report by Amex found that 89% of respondents wanted to travel to a destination they had never visited before; 68% of respondents said they took pride in finding a place to visit before it became popular,” he said.

Hendley explained that therefore, it is not surprising that Amex’s list highlights alternative popular destinations around the world. We still see demand for tried-and-true destinations like Rome and Las Vegas, but these off-the-beaten-track places also have a lot to offer, and young travelers are drawn to new experiences.

“For example, me and my team instead of flocking to Mexico’s Riviera Maya for its dynamic scenery and culture, head to the equally beautiful backcountry experience of San Miguel de Allende and even has the bonus of delicious culinary delights. Elsewhere in the world, the vast biodiversity of the Seychelles is offered as an alternative to the iconic beaches of the Maldives,” he concluded.

The following is a complete list of trending destinations in 2024:
(1). Adelaide Hills, Australia as an alternative to Blue Hills National Park, Australia, (2). Bodrum, Türkiye as an alternative to Istanbul, Türkiye, (3). Cervo, Italy as an alternative to Amalfi, Italy, (40. St Kitts & Nevis as an alternative to the Virgin Islands, (5). Niseko, Japan as an alternative to Sapporo, Japan, (6). San Miguel De Allende, Mexico as an alternative to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, (7). Santa Fe, New Mexico as an alternative to Sedona, Arizona, (8). Seychelles as an alternative to Maldives, (9). Udaipur, India as an alternative to Agra, India, (10). Zermatt, Switzerland as an alternative to St. Moritz, Switzerland. So, where do you want to go on holiday in 2024? [sources/photo by]