CELEBRATE the spirit of Christmas with exclusive promos from ARTOTEL Casa Kuningan. In this December month, hotel is proud to present a special promotion to celebrate Christmas and welcoming the New Year 2024.

According to Emmy Yunarti, General Manager of ARTOTEL Casa Kuningan, said ARTOTEL Casa Kuningan offers guests who need a place to liven up the Christmas holiday privately at hotel with 3 places that can be used, namely the Glass House ARTOTEL Casa Kuningan with a capacity of 25 people, La Gazette All Day Dining and BART Kuningan which can be used for various events during the Christmas holidays.

“At the hotel we are happy to be able to share the joy of Christmas with our guests through the food & special beverages. We hope that every dish and drink can be part of it inseparable from the happy memories of our guests during this holiday season,” she said.

Emmy explained, we are trying to offer various offers and promotions for those of you who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2024, such as; specials at BART Kuningan offer customers to enjoy the joy of Christmas with the “Cheeky Santa” Drink Promo. Enjoy the Cheeky Santa Drink Promo, Starting from IDR69,000.

“This special promotion offers a variety of interesting mocktails and cocktails, namely the “Santa Cobbler” Cocktail. This interesting drink is mixed with Bourbon Whiskey Sherry, Raspberry syrup, Orange, Pineapple,” she remarked.

For guests, she continued that who are interested in drinks made from rum, they can try “Rum-tastic” Dark Rum, Chocolate Liq, Whole egg and Sugar, no less unique drink “Winter Rumbullion flip” with a combination of Rumbellion syrup, Coffee, Ginger, Cream and Milk which adds to the taste of Christmas, and there are also “Herby Sour,” “Jingles Blinders,” and “Snowy Delight” where the creations are presented to perfection, offering a fun and festive experience for all guests.

She added that specifically for La Gazette, All Day Dining is offering a Christmas hamper, namely the Nouvelle Bundle, a culinary series with flavors full of Christmas spirit. With an attractive price of IDR850,000 nett, this hamper features delicious grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce, and various kinds of side dishes, such as broccoli garlic, potato herb, roasted tomato and roasted lemon. []