THERE ARE many activities that you can do after Heroes’ Day which falls every November 10. Apart from taking a trip to the museum and remembering the heroes’ struggles, there’s no harm in taking the time for you to take a trip to the Old City area which holds a lot of history.

Many people think that the Kota Tua area only exists in Semarang and Jakarta. In fact, there are still many other Old City areas spread across various regions in Indonesia. In fact, each Old City has unique building characteristics, as well as different historical and cultural heritage.

As a reference, here is a list of 10 Old Cities in Indonesia that are interesting to visit during the holidays:
(1). Semarang Old City
One of the Old City areas in Indonesia is identical to the Old City of Semarang. For you who don’t know, the Old City of Semarang is a cultural heritage area which contains many buildings from the Dutch East Indies from hundreds of years ago.

One of the icons of the Old City of Semarang which is almost always targeted by tourists is the Blenduk Church. This church building has a characteristic hemispherical dome-shaped roof. It is said that this church has existed for more than 250 years and was built by the Portuguese in 1753.

(2). Jakarta Old City
Next is the Old City of Jakarta, one of the tourist icons in Jakarta which is full of historical values of colonial rule. This can be seen from the many historical heritage buildings that are still well preserved, such as the Fatahillah Museum, the Bank Indonesia Museum, and the Kota Intan Bridge. There are many activities that you can do in the Old City area of Jakarta, from riding around on old school bicycles, feeding birds, to culinary tours.

(3). Yogyakarta Old City
Yogyakarta also has an Old City area, specifically around Fort Vredeburg. In this area there is a Post Office, Bank Indonesia, and the BNI Building which still maintains its original form even though it was built during the Dutch era. You can take a trip to the Yogyakarta Palace, which is thick with Javanese culture, then stop by the Gede Kauman Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Yogyakarta.

(4). Jalan Braga, Bandung
Becoming the main road during Dutch rule, Jalan Braga is one of the Old City areas in Bandung which is famous for its rows of beautiful classical buildings. However, if you want something “thicker” with the atmosphere of the Dutch government, You can stop by Jalan Asia-Afrika. The area which is the zero-kilometer point in the city of Bandung was built during Daendels’ reign.

(5). Surabaya Old City
The Surabaya Old City area includes Jalan Karet and Red Bridge, which was designated as a Cultural Heritage on November 10, 2018. In the past, the Surabaya Old City area functioned as an economic and government center. It is not surprising that there are many ancient buildings full of artistic and historical value.

(6). Nagari Pariangan
The Old City in Indonesia which is no less beautiful is located in Padang, namely the Nagari Pariangan Tourism Village. Not a Dutch building, Nagari Pariangan is synonymous with rows of typical West Sumatran Gadang houses and views of beautiful rice terraces. Apart from that, Nagari Pariangan also has the oldest mosque in Padang which was built in the 19th century, namely the Ishlah Mosque.

(7). Lasem Old City
In Rembang, Central Java, there is a small town nicknamed “Little China”, namely the Old City of Lasem. The Old City of Lasem is not only synonymous with old buildings with a beautiful mix of Chinese and Javanese styles, but there is also the Cu An Kiong Temple, the oldest temple in Lasem City which still stands strong even though it was built in the 16th century.

(8). Sekanak area
Palembang, South Sumatra has an Old City, namely the Sekanak Area. Known as the “face” of ancient Palembang, the Sekanak area has hundreds of iconic old historic buildings. One of the buildings that attracts the most attention is the Jacobson van den Berg Building. This historic and cultural heritage building was once the office of a Dutch trading company.

(9). Singkawang City
Old City tourism in Indonesia that is no less interesting is Singkawang City. Many archaeological remains in Singkawang are thick with Chinese culture, such as the oldest Chinese house built since 1901 and the Dragon Statue in the middle of the city. Apart from that, you can also see the Singkawang Grand Mosque which is adjacent to the Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Vihara.

(10). Ampenan Old City
Located in Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), the Ampenan Old City area is synonymous with cultural heritage buildings with a Dutch architectural style. Ampenan Old City has several villages, namely Chinese Village, Javanese Village and Bugis Village. Even though they are different, diversity is still well established. So, where do you want to stop by in the Old City first? []