SO FAR, perhaps you have been on vacation more often at the sea and beach to just refresh or play in the water. That’s fine, but there’s no harm if you spend time on holiday in a different setting, namely by exploring river tourist destinations in Indonesia.

River tourism is an anti-mainstream holiday option that is a shame to miss. Not just daydreaming and calming the mind, currently many river tourist destinations in Indonesia offer special interest tourism that is interesting to try, such as white water rafting or rafting.

Come on, create an exciting and new experience, here are 6 river tourist destinations in Indonesia that are interesting to explore:
(1). Mahakam River
The first river tourist destination in Indonesia and a target for tourists is the Mahakam River, East Kalimantan. Being the second longest river in Indonesia, the Mahakam River offers a pleasant river holiday experience.

This 920-kilometer-long river is home to rare animals, namely freshwater dolphins or known as Pesut Mahakam. Apart from that, you can meet king prawns, hornbills, storks, langurs and otters in the Mahakam River.

(2). Asahan River
You could say, the Asahan River is one of the favorite tourist destinations in North Sumatra. Not only is it a mainstay tourist destination for local tourists, the Asahan River is also a target for rafting tourism lovers because it is the third best white-water rafting tourist spot in the world.

For those of you who are still beginners, don’t worry, because the Asahan River has several spots and rapids levels to choose from. While rafting, you will be treated to beautiful views of cliffs and waterfalls.

(3). Maron River
Next is the Maron River, one of the river tourist destinations in Indonesia which is almost never empty of visitors. This is because the river which is located in Pacitan, East Java offers views and atmosphere like the Amazon River.

Even though you have to go through quite uphill and steep terrain, you can be sure you won’t regret it. Because you will be greeted with the view of the bluish green water of the Maron River, and surrounded by beautiful shady trees.

(4). Ayung River
Apart from beaches, Bali also has an interesting river tourist destination to explore, namely the Ayung River. The longest river in Bali, located in Kedewatan Ubud, is known as a white-water rafting spot according to the “International River Difficulty Scale” with six levels of difficulty.

On the Ayung River you will also be amazed by the clear water, cool air and beautiful views. It’s so beautiful, the length of rafting on the Ayung River which reaches 10 kilometers feels very easy and more enjoyable.

(5). Cukang Taneuh River
The next river tourist destination in Indonesia that is no less interesting to explore is in Pangandaran Regency, namely the Cukang Taneuh River or more popularly known as Green Canyon. In the local language, Cukang Taneuh means “Land Bridge”. The choice of this name is based on the natural bridge that originates from the ground and crosses the Cijulang River.

One of the interesting activities to try on the Cukang Taneuh River is taking a boat while exploring the Cijulang River. Along the journey, you will be amazed by the unspoiled natural beauty, and pass-through caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

(6). Musi River
Another very popular river tourist destination in Indonesia is the Musi River, Palembang. Receiving the title as the longest river in Sumatra, the Musi River offers fun and unforgettable holiday activities and experiences.

When visiting the Musi River, don’t forget to take the time to stop by Kemaro Island, which is located in the middle of the Musi River. On Kemaro Island, you can visit various interesting tourist attractions, such as the Pagoda, Hok Tjing Rio Temple, or the Love Tree. So, those are some recommendations for river tourist destinations in Indonesia that are interesting to visit. Happy holidays. []