DIGITAL travel platform Agoda released its first ‘New Horizons’ list, featuring ‘rising’ destinations in Indonesia. These destinations compare search data from year to year, highlighting lesser-known places that are experiencing growing interest from travelers.

“While Indonesia’s most popular destinations continue to attract attention, we have observed an increase in searches for some lesser-known places over the past year,” said Agoda Senior Country Director Indonesia, Gede Gunawan

The aim of releasing this new destination is to expose hidden gems in Indonesia, and provide aspirations for tourists who are looking for new experiences and rarely visited destinations. These destinations include Anyer which is in the top position, with a spike in searches of 52% followed by Balikpapan with 47%.

Located on the west coast of Java Island, Anyer offers opportunities for relaxation, water sports and family-friendly activities. Its historical sites, such as the Anyer lighthouse and the remains of the Anyer-Panarukan Road, add to its cultural appeal.

Its close proximity to Jakarta makes Anyer a convenient holiday destination, and its resorts provide a variety of options to suit a variety of preferences and budgets. Its stunning sunsets and seaside charm have attracted local and international visitors, offering a rich and enjoyable holiday experience.

Meanwhile, Balikpapan is very attractive because of its beautiful beaches, dense forests and biodiversity. Balikpapan also offers cultural attractions and serves as a starting point for exploring other parts of East Kalimantan.

The city serves both business and leisure travelers with ongoing infrastructure development and hosts various corporate events, making it one of the attractive destinations in Indonesia.

Located in the southern part of Sumatra, Bandar Lampung provides a base for exploring the region’s stunning landscapes, including the famous Krakatau volcano and Way Kambas National Park, renowned for its diversity of species.

Historical sites such as Kiluan Bay and the Lampung Museum provide a diverse cultural experience. With its rich cultural past, charming beaches and easy access to natural wonders, Bandar Lampung is a popular destination for tourists looking for new experiences.

Another destination is Palembang which is known for its rich history and culinary traditions. Palembang is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists who want to explore Indonesia’s cultural diversity.

Interesting locations such as the Ampera Bridge and the Musi River, as well as typical culinary delights such as model (noodle soup) and pempek, are special attractions for tourists. Meanwhile, historical sites such as Kemaro Island and the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum provide insight into Palembang’s vibrant past.

Meanwhile, Bekasi is an ideal destination for a short visit because it is close to Jakarta. Rapid urbanization has driven the development of contemporary facilities, shopping centers and entertainment venues that offer an urban experience.

The gastronomic landscape, local markets and cultural attractions add to the attractiveness of the city of Bekasi. Bandar Lampung, Palembang, and Bekasi emerged with increases of 43%, 41%, and 40% respectively.

“Our ‘New Horizons’ Indonesia list reflects the growing interest of tourists in discovering the diverse and rich experiences that Indonesia has to offer. From tranquil retreats to cultural centers, these destinations are increasingly popular,” concluded Gede Gunawan. [sources/photo special]