DUBAI was recorded as ranking first in the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Destinations Awards for three consecutive years, and made history as the first city to achieve this achievement.

These awards are based on reviews from millions of people in the Tripadvisor community, including quality, quantity and ratings for hotels, restaurants and experiences at each destination over the last 12 months.

For those who plan to travel to this area during their next holiday, here are four things that need to be prepared, as published in a written statement by Dubai Economics and Tourism (DET), Thursday (19/1):
1. Visas
After securing plane tickets, people usually rush to choose a hotel. However, don’t forget an important step, namely getting a visa.

There are various visa options depending on your needs. However, in general, a single-entry tourist visa is sufficient for those wishing to visit for a holiday.

A number of main requirements to facilitate the visa application process are ensuring that the passport is still valid for at least six months before arrival in Dubai, and a travel ticket showing travel to and from the holder’s current residence.

In addition, include a recent personal photo (visa photo with white background measuring 43mm x 55mm), valid health insurance and upload a copy of your passport.

When applying for a UAE visa, there is no need to worry about your passport being detained, because this country uses an e-visa system so tourists can travel while waiting for their visa to be approved.

For most trips, people need to register with a single-entry visa valid for 30 days at a cost of 300 AED or around IDR1,277,000. However, if you plan to stay for a shorter time, consider choosing a 96-hour transit visa, which costs 50 AED or around IDR213,000.

If a transit visa is chosen, don’t forget to include proof of onward travel, including tickets showing arrival from another country and departure to a different destination. This visa can be considered if the layover time is more than 8 hours.

2. Accommodation
While waiting for the visa to be completed, people can determine where to stay in Dubai. Dubai has more than 700 hotels to suit different types of travellers, from luxury to more affordable options.

If you are looking for a strategic location, staying in the Downtown Dubai area could be a consideration. This place is the center for various iconic attractions and architectural splendor of Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and The Dubai Fountain.

In Downtown Dubai, there are various luxury hotels – as is the area which is the center of various landmarks. There are also many three-star hotels located in the surrounding area.

3. Currency exchange
The official currency in Dubai is the Dirham (AED). Most shops and restaurants in Dubai accept Visa and Mastercard international debit and credit cards.

However, there are some international cards that charge a flat fee per transaction. Make sure to ask the bank first, to confirm the fees charged. Tourists are advised to bring small amounts of cash, as this is usually used for purchases at traditional markets (souks).

4. Things to pay attention to and carry
Dubai is sunny all year round, but it is advisable to prepare for certain months. In summer (June-August), choose clothes that are light and easy to absorb sweat. In the colder months (October-May), it’s best to bring light layers for colder evenings.

Even though Dubai is known as a cosmopolitan city, tourists must still respect local customs by dressing modestly in public spaces. Choose loose clothing that covers your shoulders and chest.

Additionally, make sure your phone is ready for your Dubai adventure with a fully charged battery. Don’t forget to bring a portable charger. Travelers can download essential apps such as maps and offline translation tools. Also pay attention to electronic devices because Dubai uses 220v 50Hz electricity with type G plugs.

Then, upon arrival, tourist visa holders will get a free prepaid SIM card from DU at immigration. They can also choose from various affordable roaming and data packages from Etisalat and Virgin Mobile. If you prefer to use Wi-Fi, Dubai has various free and secure public Wi-Fi points available in popular destinations. [antaranews]