AN OUTFIT worn by the late Princess Diana was sold at the “Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion” event organized by auction organizer Julien’s Auction on Thursday (01/18), 2024 local time.

Although it was initially estimated that the black silk velvet cocktail dress by the late designer Catherine Walker, which the princess once wore at a private event, would sell for between US$100 thousand and US$200 thousand (IDR1.5-IDR3.1 billion), it exceeded expectations. , with the highest bid of US$325 thousand (more than IDR5 billion), as reported by Eonline, Friday (19/1).

“This gown features clean lines and an off-the-shoulder neckline, a princess-stitched bodice with a boned inner bustier, and a knee-length hem, bias-stitched ivory satin accents at the neckline, cuffs and hem. black silk and designed to always look perfect when worn by Diana,” reads the description of the dress featured on Julien’s website. Princess Diana has worn several pieces from Catherine Walker & Co. over the years.

One of the company’s founders and Head of Design, Said Cyrus, who is also Catherine Walker’s husband, said that Princess Diana was a very pleasant person to work with, polite and very humble.

“The first time we met Princess Diana in February 1982, she was a pleasure to work with, very polite, very humble. She was never late for an appointment. She was, in every way, the most perfect client,” said Said.

And as Princess Diana’s life evolved amidst her marriage and divorce to King Charles III, so did her style.

“In the 16 years we knew Princess Diana, her style changed according to the work she did. At first, she dressed as ambassador to Britain, towards the end of her life she carved out a respected role on the international stage through her humanitarian work, and of course she dressed accordingly that,” Said added. [antaranews/photo special]