THE LATEST attractive food and beverage promotion offers from Archipelago International Rijstaffel and Fruity Mocktails are now available at more than 85 Archipelago International hotels throughout Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, NTB and Papua.

According to Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, the Rijsttafel and Fruity Mocktails promotion was designed to provide a unique and delicious culinary experience for guests.

“Rijstaffel, a European dining concept, allows guests to enjoy a variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts in one meal. “This rich and immersive dining experience gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes simultaneously,” he said.

He explained that various rijsttafel menu dishes were presented at various hotels belonging to Archipelago International. Starting from rijsttafel dishes inspired by local flavors such as those available at Hotel NEO Green Savana which serves a typical Sundanese menu complete with fresh vegetables, then The Alana Malioboro which is typical with food from Yogyakarta, as well as delicious dishes full of spices from ASTON Canggu Beach Resort which presents Balinese rijsttafel.

“In addition to serving delicious rijsttafel, this promotion also includes the Fruity Mocktails program – a series of non-alcoholic drinks mixed with fresh fruit. These refreshing creations are sure to tantalize taste buds and provide guests with a unique drinking experience. “Moreover, the drinks served also come in contrasting colors, making them not only fresh to enjoy but also beautiful to look at,” said Wiston Hanes.

Additionally, we are thrilled to present Treats Everywhere: Rijstaffel & Fruity Mocktails. This promotion is proof of our commitment to offering an extraordinary culinary experience for our guests, showcasing the rich diversity of Indonesian and European culinary traditions.

The Treats Everywhere promotion is available from January to March 2024. Guests can take advantage of this exciting offer by visiting any of the Archipelago International hotels participating in this promotional program. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a culinary journey with Archipelago International and enjoy a delicious combination of flavors in the Rijstaffel & Fruity Mocktails promotion. []