INDONESIAN Creation Appreciation (AKI) as one of the strategic programs of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will be presented again in 2024 with the theme “Creation” which will be held in 12 cities/regencies throughout Indonesia.

The 2024 Indonesian Creation Appreciation program was officially launched by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in “The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno”, Monday (02/12), 2024 afternoon.

According to Sandiaga Uno, said the Indonesian Creation Appreciation has entered its fourth year and this year will present new innovations. Where there is involvement of additional creative economy subsectors such as games. By 2024, there will be seven creative economy sub-sectors involved, namely culinary, crafts, fashion, applications, music, films and games.

“The 2024 Indonesian Creation Appreciation series will start in Bekasi City and God willing, our priority program roadshow will run and finish on time. This year, the target for Indonesian Creation Appreciation applicants is 10,000 people who will then be curated and selected around 360 creative economy actors in 12 cities/regencies in Indonesia,” Sandiaga remarked.

He also explained that Bekasi was the first city to hold the 2024 Indonesian Creation Appreciation and then continued in Serang, Singkawang, Magelang, Blitar, Denpasar, Palu, Toba, Ternate, Tanjung Pinang, Labuan Bajo and Merauke.

“Let’s make creation not just a dream but real evidence to help develop the country and of course create wider job opportunities for the community,” Sandiaga stated.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products at Tourism Ministry, M. Neil El Himam, added that Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024 is ready to become a forum for creative economy players to enter the ecosystem, build networks and databases. Indonesian Creation Appreciation’s presence is also a means of publication and promotion as well as expanding the market for local brands.

“Learning from previous years, the plan is that there will be another new innovation, namely that we will add an export school for previous Indonesian Creation Appreciation alumni. Because it turns out this is really needed because several Indonesian Creation Appreciation players yesterday had extraordinary export potential,” Neil noted.

At the launch of Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024, and Indonesian Creation Appreciation alumni were also present who also gave their impressions, messages and hopes as business actors who had participated in the Indonesian Creation Appreciation program.

One of them is the owner of HOMLIV/Indonesian Creation Appreciation Alumni 2022, Yudiana, who experienced the benefits directly from the Indonesian Creation Appreciation program. The Indonesian Creation Appreciation exhibition as the highlight of the event made the HOMLIV brand that Yudiana built increasingly known to audiences, especially the local market. To date, HOMLIV has spread to more than 400 outlets throughout Indonesia.

“And we are also grateful that the collaboration program between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and other Ministries has brought us to the exhibition in Japan. So, after going through the process, we were finally able to record our first exports to Japan at the beginning of last year. The Indonesian Creation Appreciation program is very good because it is sustainable. So, after the Indonesian Creation Appreciation is finished, the impact is still there and continues,” said Yudiana.

The owner of SALADIN/Indonesian Creation Appreciation Alumni 2022, Hanna Suryana Hasri, said the same thing. Even though the Indonesian Creation Appreciation program has finished, along the way the mentors who participated in Indonesian Creation Appreciation continue to develop Indonesian Creation Appreciation alumni.

“Even though the program has been completed, the mentors continue to try to monitor our business. “In the future, hopefully more and more Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) will also be involved in this program,” Hanna elaborated.

Registration for Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024 will start on Tuesday 13 February 2024 at 00.00 WIB via the registration link on the Instagram account @apresiasikreasiindonesia. This is an opportunity to increase the capacity of your product or work as well as a place to showcase your work through an exhibition which is the highlight of the Indonesian Creation Appreciation event. Of course, registration for Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024 is free.

So, immediately register your brand at Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024. To get information about Indonesian Creation Appreciation 2024, you can access Instagram @apresiasikreasiindonesia. []