APART from a passport, one of the documents that tourists need to go abroad is a visa. Some countries issue visa-free policies for certain countries. For example, for Indonesian citizens, a visa is not required to visit 74 countries in the world, including ASEAN, Japan (for e-passport), and Turkey.

However, a number of countries find it very difficult to issue visas. Reporting from the page, here are 10 countries that have difficulty issuing visas because they have strict policies:
1. Russia
Russia does not grant visas easily. Tourists have to go through a complicated process, such as many questions that must be filled in on forms. In addition, in order for the visa to be approved, applicants also need to fill in all the places they have visited in the last 10 years.

2. China
The process of getting a Chinese visa is quite a long process. Although many passport holders can travel for 72 hours to China without a visa, staying longer requires an appropriate visa, which can be a lengthy process.

3. Turkmenistan
It is one of the least visited countries due to its strict visa policies. Anyone wishing to visit the country must complete three copies of a visa application completed by the Turkmenistan State Migration Service. Additionally, they also need to get an invitation from a sponsor in Turkmenistan, which may take around 20 days to get.

4. Iran
If you want to get a visa to this country, travelers must have a verification code before applying. With the introduction of eVisas, the process has become easier. Some countries can now apply for a visa on arrival.

5. Saudi Arabia
Once there is an eVisa, tourists can visit this country as long as they meet all the requirements. One of the reasons why this country implements a strict visa policy is because of the large number of Muslims who visit the country every year for the Hajj.

6. North Korea
Tourists need to apply for a visa through a country-approved tourist agency. People coming from South Korea or with an American passport, will not be able to get a visa to this country. In addition, even if they have a visa, tourists will not be able to explore the country as they wish, as they are not allowed to talk to locals, cannot walk around alone, and cannot leave the hotel alone.

7. Republic of Chad
This beautiful country makes it difficult to issue visas because the country does not have standard processing times. The application form is also only available in French, meaning applicants must understand the language well.

8. Syria
To obtain a Syrian visa, applicants must obtain sponsorship from an organization or citizen of that country. This is what makes it difficult to get a visa from there.

9. Afghanistan
It is not easy to enter Afghanistan, especially because of the frequent political turmoil. Most governments have advised their citizens not to visit the country.

10. Libya
It is not easy to get a visa from this country. Travelers must apply through a state-accredited tour operator.

Reporting from, some countries are difficult to visit due to differences in visa policies. Some have more flexible or more difficult policies that make it almost impossible to visit some countries. Some countries set difficult visa requirements for security or political reasons. In fact, some visa applications are difficult to navigate, leaving visa applicants unable to apply. In addition, there are several countries under totalitarian regimes that make them closed to the outside world. [sources/photo special]