AVIAREPS together with the Shanghai Municipal Government has launch of Shanghai’s official online B2B travel platform, SmoothTravel and serves as the official gateway for the global travel industry to connect with both inbound and outbound Chinese travel agencies, tour wholesalers, online travel agencies (OTAs), and MICE agents in the East China market.

According to Edgar Lacker, CEO AVIAREPS said SmoothTravel aims to seamlessly link international travel businesses with the thriving Chinese travel market. The platform is designed for all segments of the travel industry around the world, including major destinations, receptive tour operators, hotel groups, retailers, attractions, rental car agencies, cruise lines, and more, all eager to broaden their business outreach to the Chinese market.

“AVIAREPS is delighted to partner with the Shanghai Government on the launch of SmoothTravel, Shanghai’s official B2B travel platform, bringing it to the travel industry around the world via our 68 offices in 65 countries. We look forward to working with the Shanghai Government to position SmoothTravel as a powerful new tool for the global travel industry to rapidly grow its China business, leveraging SmoothTravel’s unique suite of services,” he said.

Meanwhile Zhu Yihong, Director of the Shanghai Government’s Tourism Market Quality Center said as the number of cross-border travelers continues to grow, and the development of China’s inbound and outbound tourism market starts to boom once again, SmoothTravel will play a vital role.

“SmoothTravel will allow the Chinese travel trade to offer higher quality and safer overseas travel products, and will strengthen ties between the travel industry around the world and China’s tourism industry. SmoothTravel will also play a key role in promoting Chinese consumers’ awareness of cross-border travel insurance, will allow consumers to choose high-quality tourism players in both China and abroad, and will provide unique arbitration tools to the global travel industry,” Zhu Yihong noted.

The launch of SmoothTravel is of great significance and will inject new vitality into the development of Shanghai’s tourism industry and the Shanghai Government will do its utmost to ensure the success of SmoothTravel to contribute to the healthy development of China’s inbound and outbound tourism market.  

“SmoothTravel has been designed to revolutionize the way the global travel industry engages with the Chinese market and redefine collaboration and connectivity, providing unparalleled opportunities for businesses to thrive in the vibrant Chinese market,” Zhu Yihong concluded. []