THE FORMULA-1 Motorboat World Championship (F1H20) will be held again on March 1-3 2024 at the Lake Toba Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP), precisely in the Balige area, North Sumatra.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in “The Weekly Press Briefing”, Monday (02/26), 2024, said the 2024 edition of F1 Powerboat will be the second opportunity for Lake Toba to host a similar event. It is recorded that the F1 Powerboat in 2023 will be able to provide an economic contribution of IDR391 billion.

“Last year we received an award as the best F1H20 organizer in the world, which is a matter of pride for us. And in 2024, hopefully the implementation will be better and the contribution value that we achieved in the previous edition can be exceeded,” said Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Tourism Products & Organizing Activities, Tourism Ministry, Vinsensius Jemadu, added that the title as the best F1H20 organizer in the world certainly boosts Indonesia’s credibility, trust and calibration.

“We certainly have to maintain this respect and appreciation. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as a partner will also organize side events such as Toba Fest, as well as performances by local artists from North Sumatra,” said Vinsensius.

Likewise, InJourney’s Director of Marketing and Tourism Programs, Maya Watono, expressed her pride at the choice of Indonesia, especially Lake Toba, as the host of a very prestigious international water sports event for the second time.

“Learning from last year, there are two improvements we made. First, learn about the weather, so this time the race will be held in the morning before lunch time so that the waves are calmer. Then in the afternoon we will hold the national Aquabike Jetski championship,” said Maya.

The national Aquabike Jetski Championship is a road event to the Aquabike Jetski World Championship. Through this activity, it is hoped that superior national athletes can be recruited.

Apart from playing the F1 Powerboat event, Maya said that her party would also present local cultural content by presenting the Solu Bolon Competition. Solu Bolon is a means of transportation for the local community to connect villages around Lake Toba. This event will be the biggest Solu Bolon competition in Indonesia.

“Where eight districts compete for rotating trophies and there are also cultural performances displayed this year which are definitely more spectacular than last year,” said Maya.

At the same event, ITDC Operations Director, Troy Reza Waroka, said that F1 Powerboat preparations were almost 100 percent complete. Racers and crew have started arriving through the doors of Silangit International Airport. In terms of logistics, readiness for the race itself has been completed. And active community involvement is also the main agenda in organizing F1 Powerboat.

“Because there will be a series of cultural events involving the local community. Of course, they welcomed this event very enthusiastically. We hope that the preparations made are almost perfect and with the support of all parties, God willing, the results will be good,” Troy concluded. []