THE LARGEST and most comprehensive handicraft exhibition in Southeast Asia, the 24th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2024) will be held again for the 24th time at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Central Jakarta, from 28 February to 3 March 2024.

The exhibition, which was initiated by the Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Entrepreneurs (ASEPHI) in collaboration with Mediatama Event, now highlights interesting creations of Indonesian art and cultural traditions, namely Indonesian traditional musical instruments.

“INACRAFT this time displays traditional musical instruments which are part of typical Indonesian handicrafts that not many people are aware of. Traditional musical instruments will be the main highlight of this year’s Insight Program in the forum,” said BPP ASEPHI General Chair Muchsin Ridjan via a press release in Jakarta, Tuesday (02/27), 2024.

Apart from traditional musical instruments which are the main highlight, INACRAFT 2024 also offers a variety of Indonesian craft products, such as Batik, weaving, fashion and embroidery, shoes and travel equipment, jewelry and accessories, household appliances, souvenirs, decorative products, toys, and many others.

Not only that, in collaboration with the international institution World Craft Council Asia Pacific Region (WCC APR), ASEPHI will hold a discussion forum to open up opportunities to improve the quality of Indonesian craft products, as well as develop the city’s potential through the “World Craft City Network” and “Craft Sister Cities”.

A myriad of other programs is also available at this exhibition, such as talks, workshops, fashion shows, musical entertainment performances, and more than 80 culinary delights serving typical Indonesian food menus.

“INACRAFT is designed to promote Indonesian craft products, increase the domestic market, and open international market opportunities as export commodities to foreign countries. We will continue to contribute to reviving Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the craft sector to become a forum for showcasing the latest and highest quality local products, as well as expanding networks and increasing experience and education,” Muchsin remarked.

This year, the INACRAFT exhibition was attended by 1,500 SMEs filling 1,066 tenants with 24 islands consisting of 850 ASEPHI members, 650 non-members and participants assisted by the Ministry, State-Owned Enterprises, Department/Dekranasda, as well as foreign participants who took place in the Plenary Hall, such as from Uzbekistan, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Poland, Vietnam, China and other representatives of Southeast Asian countries.

INACRAFT 2024 also provides special promotional opportunities for craftsmen from Palestine by facilitating tenants. [antaranews]