THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that holding a concert by British musician, Ed Sheeran, at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) on March 2, 2024 will have a positive impact on the community’s economy.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in The Weekly Press Brief at the Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Monday (02/26), 2024 said that I appreciate it because (promoter) PK Entertainment was successful last year with Coldplay. As promised at the beginning of the year, it immediately kicked off, through the Ed Sheeran concert.

Ed Sheeran’s concert is targeted to be watched by up to 50,000 people, so Minister Sandiaga believes it can have a good impact on the economic sector in the country.

He explained the typical spending of domestic tourists when watching international concerts in Indonesia. He said, if Ed Sheeran’s target audience is 50 thousand visitors, then according to him conservatively the direct impact could reach more than IDR100 billion.

“Typical spending by domestic tourists of up to 50 thousand spectators is IDR2.7 million, conservatively the direct impact is more than IDR100 billion,” said Sandiaga.

He explained that the Ed Sheeran: Mathematics Tour 2024 concert had also changed its location from GBK Stadium to Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). The move of the venue from the GBK Stadium to JIS was not only because GBK would be used to prepare for the Indonesian national team’s match against the Vietnam national team, but was also carried out to present the sensation of the iconic 360° stage which is a global standard for Ed Sheeran. This 360-degree stage is also the first at JIS.

“This last-minute move from GBK to JIS will certainly enable an iconic 360° stage sensation,” said Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, the Co-Founder and COO of PK Entertainment, Harry Sudarma, conveyed a number of preparations for the concert which will be held in the next few days. Even though we encountered challenges due to a change of location, so far advance crews have started to arrive and the 360-degree concept stage has been built since last week. It is indeed iconic for this series of tours globally.

“To ensure smooth access for spectators to and from JIS, Harry explained that his party is collaborating with various stakeholders such as JIExpo and Ancol to provide additional parking areas. Apart from that, there will be a 75-unit shuttle from JIExpo and a 50-unit shuttle from GBK,” he said.

He explained, for buyers who have purchased tickets before the announcement of the venue move and have already booked a hotel near GBK and so on, we provide a shuttle from GBK and we are collaborating with Blue Bird, to provide promotions so that they can commute more comfortably. and the JPO is also activated at JIS from Ancol.

Furthermore, Harry explained that there was a direct and indirect economic impact on holding the Ed Sheeran concert.

“There are more than 80 artist personnel alone, so there is a direct effect on hotels, catering, visas, so this may already have a direct impact. The indirect impact is that artists on a large scale like Ed Shireen hope to be able to attract tourists who may not only be local but also foreign,” Harry remarked.

Likewise, the Deputy for Tourism Products & Organizing Activities at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Vinsensius Jemadu, said that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy together with PK Entertainment continue to try to improve the organization of quality concerts.

“Learning from Coldplay’s success story yesterday, we saw that our promoter PK Entertainment has increasingly improved the quality of its organizers, this is what we hope for, the event is not to increase in terms of quantity, but we must also emphasize the quality of the organizers and the quality of the impact,” Vinsensius stated.

Vinsensius said that the Ed Sheeran Concert with 50 thousand spectators is expected to also contribute to the tourism sector and creative economy which this year is targeted to reach 1.5 billion movements.

“As many as 10-15% of foreign tourists will attend the concert so they can contribute to the economy,” concluded Vinsensius. []