AS A FORM of concern for Individuals with Special Needs, in this case individuals with autism and caring as the given a new experience to them, The Tribrata Darmawansa Jakarta in collaboration with MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy is holding ‘See the True Me, Table Manner Class’, share knowledge and happiness with MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy trainees who, despite their special needs, are beautifully gifted on Thursday, 29 February 2024.

According to Ferri Irawan, General Manager of The Tribrata Darmawangsa Jakarta & Sutasoma Hotel said with the theme one-day training ‘See the True Me, Table Manner Class’, this activity which is also supported by the all-hotel departments and our CSR program has a series of events consisting of this event which aims to provide education related to Empowerment of Capabilities & Skills for Individuals with Special Needs.

“We welcome the arrival of trainees from MATALESOGE to be able to practice table manners at our hotel, and we really understand and believe in the ability of these special needs trainees to gain new, unforgettable experiences for all of them,” said Ferri Irawan.

He explained, where we collaborated with MATALESOGE Hospitality Academy to demonstrate our concern for individuals with special needs, by making our hotel a friendly hotel for individual special needs, and also providing a place for them to hone their skills and social skills.

“With the series of activities held today, we hope to inspire the community so that we can live side by side with individuals with special needs, and give them equal opportunities to work and achieve. It is hoped that this collaboration can continue with other programs at our hotel and we are always open and ready to help our children, from the MATALESOGE hospitABLElity Academy in the hospitality program,” he remarked.

The event, which took place from 10.00 WIB to 14.00 WIB, began with the definition of Table Manner – in short, table manner means eating procedures, including how to sit, how to use cutlery and the etiquette applied when eating. Table manners are usually used at special banquets.

Opening speech by Mr. Ferri Irawan

Likewise, Muchamad Rifai, Banquet Manager said what is table manner. Table manner itself has the equivalent of ‘dining etiquette’. This eating etiquette is not limited to the way we eat the meal, but we are also expected to show a variety of beautiful attitudes while the meal is being served.

Someone who has good knowledge of eating etiquette will understand the standard rules for creating an elegant dining table which includes the placement of various eating and drinking utensils, as well as the use of napkins to wipe the mouth.

If you pay close attention, table manner etiquette can be considered a social norm in itself. Why is that? Because mastering table manners is the same as mastering social skills which are just as good.

Also, Executive Chef, Syaiful Bahri explained that we have prepared a set menu for our MATALESOGE trainees friend starting from appetizers; Romaine Heart, Grilled Breast and Crispy Herb Crouton Parmesan Chaving, Soup: Mushroom Soup in Puff Pastry with Truffle Essence and Main Course: Ribs Eye Veal Juice, Truffle Mash Potato, Buttered Babby Carrot and Asparagus, for Dessert Caramelized Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream.

Meanwhile Tommy Hermanses, CEO & Founder of MATALESOGE hospitABELlity Academy expressed his infinite gratitude to The Tribrata Darmawangsa Hotel for this extraordinary reception and we did not expect that the hotel provided the trainees complete with a set food menu, this made it a wonderful experience interesting for trainees.

With this event, Tommy continued that we hope that more and more agencies will care about and understand the world of inclusiveness. Thank you to The Tribrata Darmawangan Jakarta in the hospitality industry in empowering this program.

“As an appreciation, we also gave a memento to The Tribrata Darmawangsa Jakarta, a combined painting by our three trainees; Diego Berel, Amanda and Farah who deliberately painted about the sun reflect the enthusiasm for work that never fades for all Tribrata hotel staff in its progress,” Tommy Hermanses concluded. []