INDONESIA Motorhome Club (IMC), a car community, has its own way of loving, caring for and recording the beauty of the country. IMC has traveled for 42 days by land, crossing one island to another in Eastern Indonesia. This left an unforgettable impression and was beautifully recorded in a documentary entitled ‘A Journey to Tana Timor’.

The 45-minute documentary film directed by Darwin Nugraha is able to visualize the beauty of Eastern Indonesia which has great potential to move domestic and foreign tourists to travel there.

According to Umbu, the President of the Indonesia Motor Club, when met after a film screening in Kota Sinema, Jati Asih, Bekasi, Saturday (02/03), 2024, said when telling the story of an overland trip to Eastern Indonesia in order to promote tourism destinations. From this trip, the 21 motorhome overland participants provided several notes for better Indonesian tourism.

“Overland to Eastern Indonesia or what is also called Lesser Sunda Land is divided into four journeys. First explore Flores to Atambua. Second, Timor Leste. The three islands of Sumba. Fourth, West Nusa Tenggara and Bali. We explored these islands. “Including Rote Island,” he said.

Overland, as the spirit of IMC, Umbu again explained that this community is individuals who love Indonesia, want to make all of Indonesia their ‘home’.

“This yard is interpreted as having to love people, their culture, their ethnicity and their religion. In this way, we are able to accept differences so that they can be accepted in every region we visit,” Umbu remarked.

During this 42-day trip, IMC provided input for the progress of tourism and its stakeholders, including the regional government, central government and related institutions. During this overland trip, IMC found deficiencies such as clean toilets, clean bathrooms and electrical outlets for battery power-up options, as well as the high cost of ferry crossings between one island and another.

Meanwhile, Darwin Nugraha, the director of this documentary film, added that he hopes that Indonesia is beautiful compared to other countries. The sea should not be considered as a divider, but instead the sea should be used as a link between these beautiful islands. []