THE INDEPENDENT international Business to Business (BtoB) Tourism Exchange, TTC Travel Mart which is always present twice a year in two big cities in Indonesia is back. The first semester was held at the Redtop Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (03/04), 2024, bringing in 109 sellers from all over the world with 700 buyers from various regions in Indonesia.

According to Kidung Pascalis, the TTC Indonesia Project Manager when met at the exhibition area said that in the first semester of this year, TTC Travel Mart entered its 39th event, held in Jakarta on Monday (03/04), 2024 and in Surabaya (03/06), 2024, and for the second semester, the 40th TTC Travel Mart will be held in Jakarta and Makassar, in September or October 2024.

“Well, for the first semester which was held at the Redtop Hotel, Jakarta, we succeeded in bringing in 109 sellers from all over the world and with a total of 700 buyers from various regions in Indonesia. The trend for the 39th TTC Travel Mart is very positive. Of the 109 tables we sell, they have already been sold out,” he said.

Many old sellers are still coming back, Kidung continued that quite a few new sellers are coming. Apart from that, there are also many new destinations on offer, Eastern European countries as new participants include Russia and Georgia, South Africa and New Zealand are also present at this event.

“For several participating countries from Asia, there are new ones, from Japan, China and Vietnam. Also, the Balkan countries are present. Vietnam and Thailand sellers also increased. Apart from being a popular destination for Indonesian tourists, the existence of direct flights from Jakarta is the trigger for the country’s travel agencies to join the TTC this time,” he remarked.

TTC Travel Mart’s traditional markets such as those from the Balkan countries, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Middle East, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Australia still believes in the large potential of the Indonesian market. Meanwhile, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Africa are represented by their tourism boards such as; New Zealand Tourism Board, Philippines Tourism Promotion Board, South African Tourism.

“From these facts, we can see that Indonesia is still an important and attractive market for foreign countries, so it is important for TTC Indonesia event to bridge sellers and buyers to meet and introduce their respective needs,” Kidung pointed out.

Russian travel agents to attract Indonesian tourist

Meanwhile, Aris Gunawan, Indonesian Representative for Russian Tour, explained that the Russian Tour travel agency is here to attract Indonesian tourists again amidst negative issues with Ukraine which are less profitable.

“Actually, this issue only occurs in the border area between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, there are still many interesting tourist destinations in Russia that are safe and comfortable for tourists to visit,” he affirmed.

Aris Gunawan explained that there are several favorite tourist destinations for Indonesian tourists who want to visit Russia besides Moscow, such as St. Petersburg and Murmasnk. We also want to inform Indonesian tourists that currently making a visit visa has been made easier. A visit visa can be made online and only takes between four to five days.

On the same occasion, Nining Hadiwijojo, Sales and Product Developer Manager, Asia South Africa Travel, explained that there are 400 Indonesian tourists who come to South Africa a year. Some of the destinations that are commonly visited in South Africa are visiting the National Park Wildlife Africa, as well as religious tourism tracing Sheikh Yusuf from Makassar, South Sulawesi, spreading the message of Islam in the country.

“Currently, every month there are 20-22 Indonesian tourists who come there. To explore South Africa, it takes 7 days and 6 nights, and the cost ranges between IDR40-50 million, including the plane and visiting a number of selected destinations,” concluded Nining. []