THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages hoteliers to prepare discount accommodation packages or fast breaking packages during the month of Ramadan in order to get around the arrival of the low season as well as prepare themselves for the Eid Fitr holiday.

According to Adyatama Tourism and Creative Economy Staff Expert of the Ministry, Nia Niscaya, in ‘The Weekly Briefing’ at the Sapta Pesona Building, Central Jakarta, Monday (03/04), 2024, said, the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) has predicted that there will be a decrease in the arrival of foreign tourists and the movement of domestic tourists during Ramadan from 10 March to 9 April 2024. This has an impact on the decline in star hotel room occupancy rates, especially in big cities like Jakarta.

“However, the Chairman of PHRI, Haryadi Sukamdani estimates that hotel occupancy during the Eid Fitr holiday in 2024 will be high. This estimate is based on the overall improvement in hotel conditions in Indonesia in 2024 which is getting better,” said Nia.

Apart from that, this estimate is also based on PHRI data regarding hotel occupancy ahead of Eid Fitr 2023, where occupancy in a number of hotels in favorite tourist destination cities is already more than 70%.

Therefore, Nia continued to encourage hoteliers to provide room discounts of up to 40% and other discount packages such as group breaking the fast packages at hotels. So that hotel room occupancy can remain full even though it is facing a low season.

“During the low season, it would be good if you could sell with a big discount of up to 40%, it would be much better profitable if the occupancy was only 30%, because Indonesian people who are Muslim and fast do not travel during fasting. However, it is predicted that when Eid Fitr will “There was a massive spike,” Nia remarked.

Nia added, by providing this discount package it is hoped that it can prepare the availability of hotel rooms during the Eid Fitr holiday. Considering that based on predictions from the National Police Traffic Corps, the number of Eid Fitr homecoming travelers in 2024 is estimated to reach 200 million people, or an increase of 6% compared to the number of Eid homecoming travelers in 2023 of 187 million people.

“Apart from that, the Minister of Transportation also predicts that the percentage increase in the number of homecoming travelers this year will reach 70%,” concluded Nia. []