TRAVEL suggestions can help travelers find inspiration for their next holiday destination. Recently Conde Nast Traveler released the Reader’s Choice Awards. Every year, readers are asked to name their favorite destination. This year specifically, 526,518 people participated.

This year’s Reader’s Choice Awards chose Japan as the top destination. This island nation has also been named the fastest growing destination among Gen Z tourists.

The following are the best countries in the world according to Condé Nast Traveler: (1). Japan, (2). Italy, (3). Greece, (4). Ireland, (5). New Zealand, (6). Spain, (7). Portugal, (8). Norway, (9). Switzerland, (10). Turkiye, (11). Australia, (12). Iceland, (13). Croatia, (14). Germany, (15). England, (16). South Africa, (17). Austria, (18). Sri Lanka, (19). French.

Top five best country attractions:
1. Japan
Japan was recently named the fastest-growing destination among Gen Z tourists. The country is known for its cherry blossoms, distinctive Shinto shrines and high-speed trains. Apart from that, Japan will also soon launch a digital nomad visa.

There is always something new emerging in this country. Other interesting attractions include staying in a hilltop castle from 1599. Visit new galleries and exhibitions on Naoshima Island. Or the new UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jomon Prehistoric Site in the north.

2. Italy
Italy does not only have interesting places in Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome. But there are also several remote villages that have amazing views. Tourists can visit the villa Igiea in Palermo, or Bergamo and Bresica, known as the 2023 Italian Capital of Culture.

Italy’s enduring legacy is its world-famous cuisine. Tourists can dive into its thousand-year-old specialties or take a cooking class in Tuscany. The country is also struggling to overcome overtourism. By creating train routes that will transport tourists to unpopular villages.

3. Greece
Greece is famous for some of the world’s favorite islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete. The list of these beautiful islands continues to grow, with more and more visitors venturing to Paros, Hydra, Zakynthos and Tinos.

Don’t miss visiting Athens, this ancient city is turning to creative energy. For adventure enthusiasts consider a trip to Zagorohoria, around the Pindus Mountains in Greece’s rugged northwest.

4. Ireland
Ireland is a favorite destination for exploring castles and pubs with centuries-old fireplaces. Emerald Isle, the country’s capital, has emerged as one of Europe’s most advanced technological hubs, nicknamed Silicon Docks. Outside the capital, Ireland is dotted with off-the-beaten-track hotels and Airbnbs that let travelers stay overnight anywhere, from island lighthouses in County May to Scandi-chic cabins in County Monaghan

5. New Zealand
This country is a favorite destination for Lord of the Rings film fans. This island nation has unique attractions ranging from crystal clear mountain lakes and expansive fjords to misty rainforests and geothermal valleys.

Another popular destination is Auckland which has a diverse culture. Apart from that, another interesting thing is Flockhill Lodge, a 36,000-hectare highland sheep farm in the Southern Alps. It now doubles as an ultra-luxury retreat. [sources/photo special]