THE PRESIDENT Director of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (GIAA), Irfan Setiaputra, denied that the price of plane tickets sold by state-owned airlines was expensive. He emphasized that Garuda Indonesia flight ticket prices during the Eid period are generally the same as on normal days. Garuda Indonesia follows government policy so that airline ticket prices do not exceed the upper limit rate (TBA).

“Not really (airplane ticket prices are expensive). The same as on normal days. It is certain that Garuda Indonesia plane ticket prices never exceed TBA. The availability of plane seats during the Eid period is only around 60% filled,” he said.

He explained that domestically there is a maximum price rule or the term TBA. We never get past that. I don’t know about other airlines. Don’t confuse it with Garuda. I believe that airplane seats will be full as time progresses. We will continue to inform you, but it will be even more filled up towards the big day,” Irfan Setiaputra remarked.

Garuda Indonesia has prepared more than 1.4 million flight seats for the homecoming and return flow period which is expected to take place from 3 April (D-7) to 21 April 2024 (D+11) for both domestic and international routes.

This readiness is also optimized by operating wide-body aircraft and adding at least 27,500 seats on domestic and international routes both operated by Garuda Indonesia and through its subsidiary, Citilink.

“Garuda Indonesia plans to operate at least 170 additional flights, while Citilink plans to operate around 16 additional flights,” he concluded. [sources/photo special]