INDONESIAN Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno has said that only 40% of tourists have paid Bali’s foreign tourist levy of IDR150 thousand (around US$9.50) so far.

“Starting from February 14, 2024, there is a levy of IDR150 thousand per person for foreign tourists. So far, only 40% have made payments for foreign tourist levy since the regulation came into effect,” he informed at a weekly press conference here on Monday (03/25), 2024.

To increase the collection of the levy, the ministry will boost the dissemination of information on the regulation through ministries, institutions, airlines, and stakeholders in the tourism sector.

Minister Sandiaga said that the dissemination will be carried out in Indonesia’s main tourism markets, namely Australia, Singapore, India, and Malaysia.

Although Bali’s Tourism Office has been focusing on tourists arriving at international gates in Bali. Meanwhile, connecting routes that are used as foreign tourists’ entry gates have not been covered yet.

To boost levy collection, the office has proposed placing booths at domestic arrival routes, both Jakarta and other destinations. The levy will be used for waste management in Bali as well as for the protection of culture and nature.

Tourists can pay the levy through the Love Bali system via the webpage or the Love Bali application, among other modes, before arrival or before entering the foreign tourist entry gates in Bali.

Seven categories of tourists are exempt from paying the levy, including foreign tourists holding diplomatic and official visas, crew members of transportation vehicles, and holders of temporary or permanent stay permit cards. They further include holders of family unification visas, student visas, Golden visas, and other visas, such as business visas. []